Help! What Year is My Grasshopper Mower: How to Know?

what year is my grasshopper mower

No matter what types of Grasshopper mower you own, you may need to know its manufacturing year. When the mower gets older or you think of selling it, the year it was made is required.

But, how to know what year is your Grasshopper mower?

Knowing about the Grasshopper mower manufacturing year is easier as the serial number of the mower carries the info. Matching the serial number with the year list can tell you about that.

In case you are still confused regarding what year is my Grasshopper mower, the article has got your back. Here you will get the way to the serial number, and also the year of your Grasshopper mower.

So, let’s not wait any longer and get started.

How to Read a Grasshopper Mower Serial Number?

The serial number on a Grasshopper mower is the way to know which year the mower was manufactured.

But, reading the Grasshopper mower serial number depends on which Grasshopper mower you have. In other words, which series Grasshopper mower you own. Because the serial number has different locations as per diverse mower types.

Keeping that in mind, here is an included list that shows the direction to the Grasshopper mower serial number on different series.

Therefore, make your stay worthwhile by catching a sight of it.

1. FrontMount Mowers

The FrontMount series and its mowers are undoubtedly amazing. In case you have one of them, look for the serial number on the frame just below the rider’s seat. Probably the right side carries it.

2. FrontMount Decks

In some cases, the FrontMount decks can contain the serial number, too. Take a look at the rear part of the deck and the right corner may have the serial number.

3. Midmount Mowers

The MidMount series mowers have the same design as the FrontMount ones. Below the rider’s seat, there is a frame and its right side has the serial number.

4. 100V Series

Grasshopper 100V series mowers are loved almost by each and every user as they are super compatible with lawn jobs. The serial number of the mower is on the frame that is placed in the middle of the left tire and the engine.

Grasshopper Mower Serial Number Year

I guess you have already reached the serial number on your Grasshopper mower. In case you haven’t got it yet due to any reason, contacting the manufacturer can easily help you with that.

You just have to share your Grasshopper mower type and its model number. However, as for the serial number, the first two numbers are the sign for a specific year.

As you are dealing with it for the first time, you may not recognize it. Therefore, here I have listed the serial numbers with their particular years. 

So, don’t forget to take a glance at them.

SerialSerial NumberYear

How Many Years Does a Grasshopper Mower Last?

Answer: In case of a Grasshopper mower, you can expect it to last at least 6 to 7 years. And, with scheduled maintenance, its life expectancy can rise up to 10 to 12 years. In other words, the more you give it attention, the longer it will last to serve.

Is Grasshopper a Reliable Mower?

Answer: Of course, Grasshopper mowers are considered much more reliable. Because their efficiency in performing even in tough terrains attracts many users. An interesting but helpful fact is Grasshopper mower replacement parts are much easier to be found and with top-notch quality.

End Words

In my opinion, every Grasshopper mower user must know how old the mower is or when it was manufactured. Because, depending on it, many things can change. For example, parts repairing or replacement, the worth of the mower, and so on.

For that reason, make sure to figure out what year is my Grasshopper mower and consider it before making any decision. In case your Grasshopper mower is not working, feel free to take guidance from the article.

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