Types Of Grasshopper Mowers in 2023

types of grasshopper mowers

Depending on which Grasshopper mower you get, the Grasshopper mower problems and Grasshopper mower grease points can vary.

Well, that’s a true case and for that cause, you must be familiar with the Grasshopper mowers. Otherwise, you may not get the mower that you require or your lawn demands.

As I can relate with that, the article is designed with the info of different types of Grasshopper mowers with their features.

So, let’s get into the discussion without further ado.

Types Of Grasshopper Mowers

Grasshopper has two series of mowers including Frontmount and Midmount. Frontmount series mowers come with the feature of single or dual tail wheels for balancing the weight.

And, in Midmount series mowers, one can experience a better mower deck facilities with extra speed.

To assist you in this regard, I have listed the most popular ones along with their extraordinary features.

That’s why make your stay worthwhile by going through them.

1. Frontmount 526V-52

In the Frontmount series of Grasshopper mowers, Grasshopper 526V-52 is a well known one. Though it is for small lawns, the features of it can mesmerize anyone.

Therefore let’s head ahead to learn about the Grasshopper 525V-52 mower specs.

B&S vanguard, v-twin engine with 49.4 cu. in. displacement

Engine is air cooled, gasoline powered and with vertical crankshaft

Mowing speed can be raised to 8 mph and per hour 3.79 acres

• Fuel Capacity: 15.1 l

• Deck Cutting Height: 2 inches to 4.5 inches

• Battery: 12V

• Warranty: 2 Years (800 hours) for commercial, 4 years (800 hours) for residential

2. Frontmount 623T

In case you are looking for a Grasshopper zero turn mower, Frontmount series has an excellent one. And, it is the Grasshopper 623T zero turn mower that can surely satisfy you.

So, why don’t you check out the Grasshopper 623T zero turn mower specs?

Kohler command pro, v-twin engine with 42.4 cu. in. displacement

Engine is air cooled and gasoline powered with horizontal crankshaft

• Fuel Capacity: 15.14 l

• Battery: 12V

• Ignition: Breakerless

• Brakes: Dynamic

Weight distributed with single fork tails wheel

Equipped with quick converter implement system

3. Frontmount 727T EFI

Having a riding lawn mower with the zero turn mower facilities can be found in the Grasshopper 727T EFI mower.

To get familiar with the Grasshopper 727T EFI mower specs, continue reading.

Kohler command pro, v-twin engine with 45.6 cu. in displacement

Engine is gasoline powered, air cooled and has horizontal crankshaft

• Fuel Capacity: 27.3 l

• Cutting Height: 1.25 to 5 inches

• Starter: Solenoid Shift

4. Midmount 125V

Among the Grasshopper midmount series, Grasshopper 125V deserves to be praised. The qualities built in this mower are truly wonderful.

That’s why to make a choice, go through the Grasshopper 125V mower specs.

Kohler confident, V-Twin engine with 45.6 cu. in. displacement

Air cooled engine, gasoline powered with vertical crankshaft

Top-notch deck quality with heavy-gauge formed steel

• Fuel Capacity: 24.6 l

• Battery: 12V

• Hour Meter: Standard

• Warranty: 2 years (500 hours) for commercial, 4 years (500) hours for residential

5. Midmount 127V

Another important mower from the midmount series is the Grasshopper 127V mower. And, the most surprising matter is it has zero turn mower’s facilities.

Well, now let me take you to the Grasshopper 127V mower specs.

B&S commercial turf, v-twin engine with 49.4 cu. in. displacement

Gasoline powered engine with air cooling feature and vertical crankshaft

• Fuel Capacity: 24.6 l

• Battery: 12V

• Brakes: Dynamic

• Warranty: 2 years or 500 hours for commercial, 4 years or 500 hours for residential

6. Midmount 440

To get the lawn works done in a short time, Grasshopper has introduced the midmount 440 lawn mower.

Without dragging the suspension, let me show you the Grasshopper 440 mower specs.

Vanguard big block EFI, v-twin engine with horizontal crankshaft

Air cooled, gasoline powered engine with 60.6 cu. in. displacement

• Fuel Capacity: 45.4 l

• Muffler: Industrial Type

• Battery: 12V

• Speed: Up to 11 mph

• Parking Brake: Disc

• Warranty: 3 years (unlimited hours) for commercial, 4 years (800 hours) for residential

Where is the Battery on a Grasshopper Mower?

Answer: The Grasshopper mower battery location is found under the Grasshopper mower seat. But, considering the mower type and its model, the battery location can change and it’s quite normal.

What Kind of Oil Does a Grasshopper Mower Use?

Answer: Generally, a Grasshopper mower demands the 10W-40 motor oil or 10W-30 motor oil. The viscosity of these oils can meet the requirement of the mower. In some cases, the mower can have diverse preferences for oil type.

How Much Does a Grasshopper Lawn Mower Cost?

Answer: The cost of a Grasshopper mower starts from $7,900 and the highest range can go up to $23,000. But, the prices are variable depending on which Grasshopper mower you are selecting and which series it belongs to.

Final Words

How time flies! You were in search of the types of Grasshopper mowers and finally, you have collected all the info about them. Now I am sure that you can easily select the Grasshopper lawn mower.

Moreover, be alert to get the correct mower and avoid hurrying while purchasing the mower. However, check out the Walker Mower vs Grasshopper to see which one is the best for your lawn in case you are confused between them.

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