Types Of Dewalt Lawn Mowers in 2023 [+Features & Specs]

types of dewalt lawn mowers

Purchasing a Dewalt lawn mower from so many options of Dewalt lawn mowers is not at all easy. I found it quite confusing as Dewalt has many types of mowers.

Without understanding the differences between them, you may fail to get the suitable one. Moreover, the Dewalt lawn mower problems vary as per the mowers.

For that reason, types of Dewalt lawn mowers are described here with much details to introduce you with them.

So, let’s not wait any longer and get started.

Types Of Dewalt Lawn Mowers

A common scenery while checking the Dewalt lawn mowers is getting in a dilemma of which one to purchase. It is because Dewalt certainly makes praiseworthy lawn mowers.

To clear your dilemma, here I have discussed the most important types of Dewalt lawn mowers with their features.

Therefore, let’s start checking them out.

1. Dewalt MAX Self Propelled Mower

One of the most popular Dewalt lawn mowers is the self propelled mowers from its MAX series. It has already gained a lot of fame among the users for eye-catching features.

So, why don’t you check the Dewalt MAX self propelled mower specs?

• Run Time: 70 minutes

Lift handle is much convenient

Manufactured brushless and with direct drive motor

RPM adjusted with auto sensing technology

Rear wheels are 11 inches

Cutting width is 21.5 inches

• Cutting height is from 1-½ inches to 4 inches tall

Battery is of 40V (10.0 Ah)

Compatible to perform high-duty lawn works

2. Dewalt MAX Push Mower

Among the Dewalt MAX series lawn mowers, the push mowers are pretty noteworthy. Because of their excellent efficiency in completing duties in time, they are much appreciated.

That’s why take a glance at the Dewalt MAX push mower specs.

Battery voltage is 40V (10.0 Ah)

A noteworthy run time of 75 minutes

Height adjustment is dual lever and can be adjusted between 1-½ inches to 4 inches

Motor is brushless and direct drive

Handle is fold over

RPM adjustment is done by auto sensing technology

• Transportation is quicker with comfortable handle

3. Dewalt Walk Behind Zero Turn Mower

Who isn’t a fan of Dewalt walk behind zero turn mower?

Almost every user has given a positive review of this mower as it has successfully stood on their expectations.

To learn more about Dewalt walk behind zero turn mower specs, continue reading.

Engine is 344 cc

Powered with gas gear drive

Cutting deck size is 33 in.

Compatible with massive lawns or commercial use

Deck height adjustment can be done in 8 positions

Gas tank capacity is 2 gal.

• Comes with a warranty of 3 years or 120 hours

4. Dewalt Stand-On Zero Turn Mower

As I said earlier, Dewalt has a noteworthy variation of mowers. And, Dewalt stand-on zero turn mower is one of them as its features are amazing.

That’s why dive into the Dewalt stand-on zero turn mower specs.

Horsepower is 26 hp

Noticeable cutting deck is 48 in.

Throttle is electronic

Transmission: Wheel motor

Deck height adjustment up to 2 inches

PTO is electric

2 years of warranty

5. Dewalt Zero Turn Mower

Last but not least is the Dewalt zero turn mower. Let me assume, you are already thrilled by so many Dewalt mowers. Well, the Dewalt zero turn mower specs are waiting to thrill you more.

So, why don’t you take a glimpse of them?

Horsepower is 24 hp

Gas powered Kawasaki engine

Compatible with a lawn of 4 acres or up to 10 acres

Cutting deck size is 60 inches

Speed is 9 mph forward and reverse speed is 3.5 mph

• Warranty of 4 years or 800 hours

What Makes Dewalt a Good Brand?

Answer: Dewalt is indisputably an amazing brand that is mostly renowned for holding a better quality of its tools. And, Dewalt is never seen compromising with the development of the equipment and their efficiency.

Is Dewalt a Chinese Brand?

Answer: No, Dewalt is not a Chinese brand but an American brand. Though it is in America, the tools and mowers of Dewalt are delivered worldwide. And thus, it has a popularity all over the world.

Final Verdict

In short, you should not invest in any of the Dewalt lawn mowers because it may end up being incompatible for your lawn or tasks. Going through the types of Dewalt lawn mowers, you can surely get a suitable one.

As the article shows various Dewalt lawn mowers, you can figure out which one will match your lawn. However, to make a wise decision, you can check out the Dewalt lawn mower 20V vs 60V.

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