Ontario Fur Farm Investigation 2017

ontario fur farm investigation

From June to August, 2017 public inspections were covertly performed at five Southern Ontario fur factory farms.  The recordings show criminal animal neglect in violation of the OSPCA Act and multiple violations of the NFACC (National Farm Animal Care Council) codes of practice.

The video evidence was submitted to the OPSCA on Friday, January 26, 2018. The OSPCA investigation is being lead by officer Carol Vanderheide under case #0800120180119-19. Please contact her for more information: Phone: 1-888-668-7722 ext. 414 / Email: [email protected]  OR Contact KOALA at: [email protected]

Animals were witnessed living incages filled with feces, animals food mixed with urine and excrement, dead and injured animals, wounded animals, infestation of maggots and insects, rusting and dusty enclosures, and sludge pits emitting poisonous gas from the accumulation of the animals’ waste.

Similar releases of videos recorded inside fur farms abroad have lead to public outrage, political action, legislation change, and even the implementation of full bans on fur farmer.  The most recent ban being passed in Norway leading to the closure of over 280 fur factory farms. 

The below videos take you on a virtual tour of Ontario’s fur farm industry and expose the failure of the OSPCA, the government, and the fur industry to ensure basic standards of care for animals or to enforce laws that govern animal welfare. 

Puppy Mill Discovered at Unique Fur Farm

4939 Wilmot Easthope Rd. Gads Hill, ON (10km from Stratford)

“I had never seen dogs being farmed before. I wondered if they were being sold to an animal testing lab along with all the rabbits they were keeping in a dirty old shed. They might be experimented on and cut open alive for cosmetic testing or medical research. “
— Malcolm Klimowicz (Investigator)

Animals Ears Ripped Off at Ritchie Fur Farm

Intersection of County Rd 92 & Ushers Rd Intersection Elmvale, ON (10 km from Wasaga Beach, ON)

Animals Driven to Insanity at Aspden Mink Ranch

Aspden Mink Ranch located at 790 1st Concession Rd, Strabe, Tilsonburg, ON

“This mink facility was state of the art and was equipped with cooling system, bigger cages, and waste management. The animals were still suffering. Being driven insane from confinement. There is no humane way to keep these animals captive without inflicting mental trauma and psychological damage. This is animal cruelty and its happening on Ontario fur farms right now.”
— Malcolm Klimowicz (Investigator)

Toxic Sluge Puddles and Maggot Infestation Revealed at Walt Freeman Mink Farm – August 2017

Mink facility is located at 4994 Battersea Rd, Battersea, ON (20km outside Kingston, ON)

Baby Animals Caught Being Fed Their Own Feces at Our Valley View Bed & Breakfast / Christel Schwirtz Mink Farm – June 2017

Mink facility is located at 50 Barton Rd Enniskillen, ON (Oshawa Area)

Last year I was tipped off by a guest of Our Valley View Bed & Breakfast (located on the same property as the Christel Schwirtz Mink Farm) about a smell of rotting flesh coming from what appeared to be mink sheds. The guests were wandering around the B & B property and stumbled upon a hidden factory farm. Acting on that information I decided to enter the farm after dark with a high definition camera and record what I saw. It was shocking. I witnessed mink being fed food mixed with urine and excrement, dead animals, and cages covered in feces and rotten food.”
— Malcolm Klimowicz (Investigator)

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