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Why we exist.

As a result of COVID-19 outbreaks / transmissions in Fur Farms both here in Canada and parts of Europe, we are launching this campaign to demand that Ontario Ministers End Fur Farming in Ontario. Due to public health concerns of virus transmission, serious animal cruelty, and the very urgent climate crisis. In British Columbia, Canada, on November 5 2021, the provincial Agriculture and Health Ministers announced a mink fur farm phase out, to bring the industry to a close by year 2025. 

We are calling on the Ontario Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Health, and the other relevant ministries to ban fur farms in Ontario, and to take preventative measures before it is too late.

We have also asked the government if transmissions from mink to human have occurred in this province. So far we have had no answers.

Let us be clear, this pandemic will never truly end unless we eliminate the risks that allow it to continue.

In a time of economic crisis, we condemn the fact that taxpayer dollars have been given to struggling fur farms to continue operating. In Canada, fur farms have been given a minimum of $100 million of our own public money since 2014 by federal and provincial governments.

Fur farming is a dying and dangerous industry. The government should be helping to transition fur farmers to a new business model: one that is ethical and does not pose risks to public health, wildlife, and the environment. 

We end with this quote from a news story on mink farms in Denmark: “Some farmers believe the situation [the mink to human transmissions and mink culls] could’ve been avoided if the government acted faster.” Urgent Action must be taken in Ontario, and the Ministers will be held accountable. 

-End Fur Farming Ontario Team

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