[Solved!] How to Put a Grasshopper Mower in Neutral?

how to put a Grasshopper mower in neutral

Putting a Grasshopper mower in neutral lets you move the mower without the power coming from the engine. Using the feature is very exciting though it takes much time to operate the mower physically.

But, many users are already in love with it as it is a way to run the mower even if there are any issues. However, how to put a Grasshopper mower in neutral?

Set the Grasshopper mower in neutral by disengaging the blades, turning off PTO switch, setting the neutral mode on duty, switching on the parking brake, keeping the engine turned off, and checking the neutral mode’s performance.

For a new Grasshopper mower user to do it can be considered tough as there is a fixed way to do it. In case you are unaware of how to put a Grasshopper mower in neutral, the article is specially for you.

So, stay connected till the end.

Way to Put a Grasshopper Mower in Neutral

When you are feeling the need for neutral mode in your Grasshopper mower, do not wait in trying that out. It is also a kind of excitement in case you haven’t tried it earlier.

But, let me tell you, switching to the neutral mode can be done in an accurate method that ensures no room for mistakes. That’s why I have included that in this section.

Therefore, continue reading to see the detailed steps.

Step 1: Disengage the Blades

The first and most important step is disengaging the blades on your Grasshopper mower. Because, neutral mode won’t work if the blades are still on duty.

Step 2: Turn Off the PTO Switch

The same goes for the PTO unit as it helps in engaging the blades. Therefore, make sure to turn off the PTO switch.

Step 3: Set the Neutral Mode On Duty

Then, reach the neutral switch that is marked as ‘N’ or ‘neutral’. Before you switch that on, ensure the mower’s stability to run it well. Then, turn on the neutral switch.

Step 4: Switch On the Parking Brake

Then, switch on the parking brake before you step out of the mower. It is also an essential move to keep the mower moving.

Step 5: Keep the Engine Turned Off

And, the final step is turning off the engine. You may wonder why the engine needs to be turned off. Because it ensures the engine will stay off duty when you operate the mower in neutral mode.

Otherwise, accidents can take place if the mower starts suddenly.

Step 6: Check the Neutral Mode’s Performance

Finally, it is time to check how the mower is performing with the neutral mode. Staying behind the mower, you can push it and enjoy its performance.

Can the Grasshopper Mower Mow the Lawn in Neutral Mode?

Answer: Unfortunately, it can not. It is because when the Grasshopper mower is in neutral mode, its blades are disengaged. Without the blades working, the mowing can not be done. Even the transmission power is kept off duty when you activate the neutral mode in the mower.

Why Won’t My Grasshopper Mower Go to Neutral?

Answer: When the clutch pedal is having some issues, the Grasshopper mower won’t go to neutral mode. The brake pedal with defects can cause the same. In that case, the gear shifter acts as a stuck component and doesn’t move to any mode let alone neutral. 

Final Verdict

Finally, I can assume that you have already learned how to put a Grasshopper mower in neutral. Well, that’s a plus point for a Grasshopper mower owner because the mower’s components are connected with one another.

Because of that, taking a wrong step while setting the neutral can make it tough for other components. Therefore, make sure to follow the correct way. In case, your Grasshopper mower is having some troubles, go through the article on Grasshopper mower troubleshooting.

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