[Solved!] How to Change Blades on Grasshopper Mower?

how to change blades on grasshopper mower

Among the Grasshopper mower problems, a notable one is the Grasshopper mower blades won’t engage. To be honest, I had a hard time when my Grasshopper mower blades refused again and again to be engaged.

As they became bad, I had to replace them with new ones. But, how to change blades on a Grasshopper mower?

Change them by turning off the Grasshopper mower, disengaging the spark plug, taking the current blades out, setting the new blades, checking its tension, and testing the blades by mowing.

For a newbie, the process may seem to be trickier. For that reason, the way of how to change blades on Grasshopper mower is added in the article with each detail.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and get started.

Process of Changing Blades on Grasshopper Mower

A Grasshopper mower seems to be of no help when the blades of it sit idle. In other words, as the blades won’t engage even after many efforts, mowing the lawn with the mower blades gets paused.

To get the blades back on duty, you have to change them with new blades. And, the simplest way to install the Grasshopper mower blades is described in this part.

Therefore, make sure to go through the following discussion.

Step 1: Turn Off the Grasshopper Mower

First but the most essential step is turning off the Grasshopper mower. Because the blades are sharp enough to harm you if the mower is turned on while changing them.

That’s why ensure the mower is standing on a flat ground with no continuity.

Step 2: Disengage the Spark Plug

Accidental startings can occur if the spark plug is still in its on duty condition. And, that can be entirely a threatening situation for you.

Keeping that in mind, disengage the spark plug in your Grasshopper mower. Now, the mower is perfectly ready to let you change the blades without any interruptions.

Step 3: Take the Blades Out

Now comes the step that needs your much attention and it is taking the bad or current blades out. Take a socket wrench and use it for unscrewing the mounting bolts.

Be alert to hold the blades with a hand as they get super loose after removing the mounting bolts. And, keep the bolts and washer in a safe place for installing the new blades.

Step 4: Set the New Blades

I guess you have already purchased new Grasshopper mower blades and they are of perfect sizes.

Take the blades and set them in the position how the previous blades were. Using the wrench, you can screw the mounting bolts, nuts and washer gradually.

Step 5: Check its Tension

After that, checking the belt’s tension is a must. Because overtightened blades won’t rotate freely and loose tension will cause them to vibrate a lot.

Therefore, make sure to adjust the tension correctly.

Step 6: Test the Blades By Mowing

Finally, re-engage the spark plug and start your Grasshopper mower. While running the mower, check the continuity of the blades and their functions after getting engaged.

Hopefully, from now on, you can change the blades without any trouble.

Are Grasshopper Mower Blades Hard to Change?

Answer: Not at all, Grasshopper mower blades are not that tiring to change. And, most importantly, it is a super quick job if you know how to do it correctly. Proceeding with the step by step details can let you enjoy the process rather than getting confused about what to do next.

When to Replace Grasshopper Mower Blades?

Answer: Grasshopper mower blades need to be replaced when their sharpness tends to deteriorate or already much decreased. In case the blades are damaged or bent somehow, replacing them becomes unavoidable. Using too old blades is also not recommended.

Final Words

In the end, it is needless to say that the method of how to change blades on Grasshopper mower is much easier. Just going with the process and following each step can let you install new blades successfully.

In case your Grasshopper mower PTO won’t engage, check out the tips of how to replace PTO clutch on Grasshopper mower. Because the PTO clutch has a responsibility in properly engaging the Grasshopper mower blades.

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