[Solved!] How to Adjust Grasshopper Mower Deck in 2023?

how to adjust Grasshopper mower deck

When your Grasshopper mower won’t move, it means the Grasshopper mower deck won’t engage. It also refers to the deck’s need for new adjustment and that must be done in an accurate manner.

Are you a newbie? Then, you must have no idea of and be concerned about how to adjust Grasshopper mower deck?

Well, do it by keeping the mower off duty, readjusting the mower deck belt, making adjustment of the idler arm spring, lowering the deck height, resetting the washer, and cross checking the deck belt and the mower deck.

Luckily, your decision of choosing the article has led you to the correct place. Because here you will get the detailed info of how to adjust Grasshopper mower deck in an easier method.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and get into the discussion.

Way to Adjust Grasshopper Mower Deck

To be honest, there are a few ways to adjust the Grasshopper mower deck. But, all of them are not that easy or quick and you may make mistakes while going with them.

Keeping that in mind, I thought of presenting an effortless process of adjusting the Grasshopper mower deck that doesn’t take much time.

Therefore, continue reading to learn it step by step.

Step 1: Keep the Mower Off Duty

The first step is keeping the Grasshopper mower completely off duty. To do it, turn off the ignition and unplug the spark plug.

These will ensure the mower won’t start suddenly while troubleshooting the deck. So, accidents can be avoided in this way.

Step 2: Readjust the Mower Deck Belt

Then, readjusting the belt is the next move. Reach the mower deck and loosen the screws carefully. Keep the belt behind the pulleys and reinstall the metal tabs to secure them.

Step 3: Make Adjustment of the Idler Arm Spring

There you will find an idler arm spring that is for connecting the deck and the idler arm. Keep the spring in a way that its upside is visible in the idler arm’s hole.

The spring should be connected with the bracket edge.

Step 4: Lower the Deck Height

In this step, you have to lower the mower deck height to adjust it. Removing the cotter pin and taking the brackets out can let you do that.

When you are adjusting the mower height, make sure to balance it on each side. Then, set both the cotter pin and brackets back in their place.

Step 5: Reset the Washer

When you are done with the deck’s adjustment, locate the washer and remove it. Right after lifting the deck, reinstall the washer to have better control in adjusting the deck height.

Step 6: Crosscheck the Belt and the Deck

Finally, crosscheck the deck belt and keep it the way it was set before. Then, go through the adjustments and ensure everything is perfectly done.

Why Won’t My Grasshopper Mower Deck Move?

Answer: A Grasshopper mower deck not moving is seen when its linkage of adjustment goes bad. Also, the nut that helps in adjusting the deck, can get defects. All these are regarded as the culprit of stucking the Grasshopper mower deck and stopping it from moving.

When Should I Adjust the Grasshopper Mower Deck?

Answer: The regular recommendation for your Grasshopper mower deck adjustment is at least twice a season. Not only this one, if the Grasshopper mower deck doesn’t engage or hinders the blades from engaging, adjust it immediately. Otherwise, the mower’s performance won’t improve.

Final Verdict

In the end, let me remind you that a wrong adjustment of the Grasshopper mower deck is a green signal for letting the mower performance deteriorate. From mowing to engaging blades, everything stops when the deck is misadjusted.

For that reason, you shouldn’t delay in fixing that and make sure to follow the way of how to adjust Grasshopper mower deck. In case you find the issue is in mower blades, check out the route to how to change blades on Grasshopper mower.

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