Grasshopper vs Walker Mower: Which One is Winner?

grasshopper vs walker mower

As there are many types of Grasshopper mowers along with various types of Walker mowers, one can easily get confused. To be honest, both the mowers are giving each other a tough competition.

But, which one to choose between the Grasshopper and Walker mowers?

Choose a Grasshopper mower if you want a mower with a wide warranty. Walker mower is recommended for a tight budget and better varieties.

I won’t make an opinion without giving you much explanation. For that reason, the article is on the discussion of Grasshopper vs Walker mower.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper vs Walker Mower

Before you head towards the detailed info, take a glance at the following comparison chart of Grasshopper and Walker mower.

SerialKey FactorsGrasshopper MowerWalker Mower
1Horsepower20 to 37 hp19 to 37 hp
2Fuel CapacityUp to 54.1 lUp to 35.6 l
3Variety2 types of series7 types of series
4WarrantyUp to 3 years (commercial) & 4 years (residential)2 years for entire mower
5Price$7,900 to $23,000$8000 to $20,000

Head to Head Comparison: Grasshopper vs Walker Mower

While purchasing a mower, the fame of Grasshopper and Walker mowers attracts anyone. I guess you are already in that dilemma and that led you to here.

Sometimes, a few people get concerned about the Walker mower problems, but that’s totally a common matter for lawn mowers.

So, now it’s time to scroll below to see which mower is better.

1. Horsepower

The horsepower on a lawn mower decides how fast it can run. That’s why let’s see which mower has increased horsepower.

• Grasshopper Mower

Grasshopper mowers offer 20 to 37 horsepower, which is perfect for a lawn mower.

• Walker Mower 

Walker mowers have the same horsepower and it is 19 to 37 hp.

Winner: Both the mowers are the winners.

2. Fuel Capacity

The run time of a lawn mower is very dependent on its fuel capacity. Because the more fuel it can carry, the longer it will run.

• Grasshopper Mower

Grasshopper mowers are equipped with a fuel tank with the capacity of up to 54.1 l.

• Walker Mower 

Walker mowers have a fuel capacity of up to 35.6 l.

Winner: Grasshopper mower is the victor.

3. Variety

Variety of mowers means you can select the mower matching your requirements. The more varieties a brand has, the better for buyers.

• Grasshopper Mower

Unfortunately, Grasshopper mowers come within 2 series and the number of total mowers is not satisfactory.

• Walker Mower 

On the other hand, Walker has introduced up to 7 series of mowers.

Winner: Winning trophy goes to the Walker mower.

4. Warranty

Warranty with a mower indicates a step ahead protection for the mower. Let’s find out the warranty of both the mowers.

• Grasshopper Mower

Grasshopper offers up to 3 years warranty on commercial use and up to 4 years on residential use.

• Walker Mower 

Walker offers only 2 years on the entire mower.

Winner: Grasshopper is standing in the first place.

5. Price

Who doesn’t want an affordable mower?

Getting a mower with excellent specs within budget is always preferred.

• Grasshopper Mower

Grasshopper mowers are found from $7900 to $23,000 depending on which mower you select.

• Walker Mower 

Walker mowers have a cost starting from $8000 and up to $20,000.

Winner: Walker mowers are a bit more affordable.

Which One is for You?

I guess you are still in a dilemma of which one to go with between the Grasshopper and Walker mowers.

In my opinion, a Grasshopper mower and a Walker mower have the same horsepower range. But, a Grasshopper mower has better fuel capacity and warranty.

On the other hand, Walker mowers are of different types and the number of mowers is noteworthy. Also, an important part is it is affordable than the Grasshopper mower.

What Are Walker Mowers Good For?

Answer: Walker mowers are good for letting the rider have an upgraded control over the mower. While running, the mower doesn’t care about the terrain and you can ride it very smoothly.

Is Grasshopper a Good Mower?

Answer: Of course, a Grasshopper mower is considered a good one that has the capability to meet the demands of a lawn owner. From commercial to residential, it offers extraordinary features suitable for different purposes.

Final Verdict

In the end, it is obvious that both Walker and Grasshopper mowers are top-notch in comparison to each other. As you are about to purchase a mower, consider the factors of Grasshopper vs Walker mower once again.

In case you already have a Grasshopper mower and it is showing errors, check out the Grasshopper mower troubleshooting ways.

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