Grasshopper Mowers vs Scag: The Key Comparisons!

grasshopper mowers vs scag mowers

Comparing a Grasshopper mower with a Scag mower is a must when your plan is to switch to a new mower. Because both the mowers are top-notch and not less than one another.

But, which one is better between Grasshopper mowers vs Scag mowers?

In my opinion, Scag mowers are better than Grasshopper mowers due to having better horsepower, speed, variety of choices, and the deck sizes.

Fortunately, you are at the right discussion that is on the Grasshopper mowers vs Scag mowers

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mowers vs Scag Mowers

To guide you in an easier way, the Grasshopper mower and Scag mower comparison chart is included here.

Don’t forget to give it a check.

SerialKey FactorsGrasshopper            Scag
1Horsepower19 hp to 37 hp 18 hp to 40 hp
2SpeedUp to 11 mphUp to 12 mph
3Deck Sizes48″ to 72″36″ to 72″
4Variety12 to 15 More than 20
5Price$7,000 to $23,000$5,000 to $24,000

Into the Details: Grasshopper Mowers vs Scag Mowers

No doubt, the comparison chart is saying a lot regarding the Grasshopper mowers vs Scag mowers.

In case you are unable to clear your doubts with the comparison chart, here I have discussed that in detail.

Therefore, go through the factors one by one.

1. Horsepower

Lawn mower’s horsepower is an important part of its engine. And, it should be the first consideration while purchasing a new mower.

• Grasshopper

Grasshopper mowers have a range of horsepower from 19 hp and it can go up to 37 hp.

• Scag

Scag mowers are equipped with the engines that have a horsepower of 18 hp to 40 hp.

Winner: The horsepower of Scag mowers is staying ahead in the run.

2. Speed

The speed of a mower is considered for knowing how fast it can do the work. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing a mower with less speed.

• Grasshopper

The speed of Grasshopper mowers are up to 11 mph and it is super incredible.

• Scag

Scag mowers are capable of offering up to 12 mph speed while mowing.

Winner: No doubt, the victor is Scag mower’s speed.

3. Deck Sizes

More varieties of deck sizes is always preferred for a lawn mower. Because it allows you to select which one is suitable for your lawn.

• Grasshopper

Grasshopper mower decks are found between 48″ to 72″.

• Scag

Scag has introduced the mower decks starting from 36″ to 72″.

Winner: Scag has better deck size options than the Grasshopper mowers.

4. Variety

Variety of mowers is another advantage that is for selecting the mower according to your need. When a brand has more varieties, you get more options with different features.

• Grasshopper

Grasshopper has two series and they include 12 to 15 mowers in total.

• Scag

Scag has many mower series and their total mowers number goes more than 20.

Winner: Of course, Scag introduced more choices.

5. Price

Price of a mower tells if your budget can afford that or not. Do not forget to check out the mower prices.

• Grasshopper

While considering the Grasshopper mowers, you will find their prices between $7,000 to $23,000.

• Scag

Scag kept its least price to $5,000 and the highest one is $24,000.

Winner: Grasshopper mowers are a bit more affordable than Scag mowers.

Which One Performs Better?

In the case of the performance, I must say that Scag mowers perform much more satisfactorily than the Grasshopper mowers.

If you care about the speed and deck sizes, select Scag mowers. Because their horsepower range and various mowers are truly eye-catching.

If you have a budget issue or your lawn is small, Grasshopper can offer you a better deal.

Are Scag Mowers Any Good?

Answer: Undoubtedly, Scag mowers are too good as they are equipped with excellent mower decks and heavy-duty engines. Scag also gives the buyer to select his preferred deck size that is absolutely an advantage. Moreover, the mowers are built to last longer.

How Fast Are Grasshopper Mowers?

Answer: The Grasshopper mowers are compatible to run at 11 mph and mow at this speed. This is the highest level of Grasshopper mower speed. And, to complete mowing the lawn in a tight schedule, Grasshopper mowers are certainly incredible as their speed is much higher than others.

Final Verdict

One thing I must mention is that both the Scag mowers and Grasshopper mowers have plus points that are beyond comparison. That’s why you have to pay more heed to the Grasshopper mowers vs Scag mowers.

Because, this is the only way to know which one will work better in your lawn and also, staying within your budget. However, even the Grasshopper mower troubleshooting and Scag mower troubleshooting are different.

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