Grasshopper Mowers vs Hustler: Great Infinite Comparison!

grasshopper mowers vs hustler

A common query of most of the buyers is which one can serve better between Grasshopper mower and Hustler mower. Well, it is their quality and efficiency that makes both the brands competitive.

But, which one is better between Grasshopper mower and Hustler mower?

Hustler mowers are much better than Grasshopper mowers. Because of their horsepower, compatibility, wide deck sizes, warranty and also the affordability.

I can guess that your purpose is to buy a perfect mower for your lawn. Understanding that, here is a discussion on Grasshopper mowers vs Hustler mowers.

So, stay connected till the end.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mowers vs Hustler

To make a quick decision, take a glance at the included chart carrying the comparison between Grasshopper and Hustler.

SerialKey Factors            Grasshopper            Hustler
1HorsepowerUp to 37 hpUp to 40 hp
2Deck SizesUp to 72″Up to 104″
3CompatibilityUp to 10 acresUp to 15 acres
4Warranty3 years for commercial & 4 years for residential5 years for commercial & 4 years for residential
5Price$7000 to $23000$3,099 to $20,000

Detailed Conversation: Grasshopper Mowers vs Hustler

Let me guess, you are already making your choice. But, it is indeed quite difficult for a newbie to understand the comparison chart.

For that reason, here is the detailed discussion of the factors of Grasshopper mowers vs Hustler mowers.

Therefore, continue reading to understand it easily.

1. Horsepower

Horsepower in a lawn mower describes much about the mower’s engine capacity. A better horsepower means an upgraded engine.

• Grasshopper

Grasshopper mowers can offer you a range of horsepower up to 37 hp.

• Hustler

Hustler mowers are known for providing a horsepower level up to 40 hp.

Winner: Of course, Huster is ahead in the race.

2. Deck Sizes

Getting different choices for deck sizes means you can customize the mower depending on your preferred deck size.

• Grasshopper

Grasshopper mowers have choices for decks up to 72″ and you can select that accordingly.

• Hustler

Hustler mowers come with a wide range of deck sizes up to 104″.

Winner: Hustler is the winner in this case.

3. Compatibility

Compatibility of a lawn mower tells you how much bigger the lawn it can handle. Considering it, you can get the mower best for your lawn size.

• Grasshopper

Grasshopper mowers are capable of serving only up to 10 acres.

• Hustler

Hustler mowers have the efficiency to work on up to 15 acres of lawn.

Winner: Hustler mowers can easily handle massive size lawns. 

4. Warranty

Warranty is a factor that you shouldn’t miss to consider as it lets you have a security of the mower.

• Grasshopper

Grasshopper mowers that are for commercial use have a 3 years warranty. And, residential ones have 4 years warranty.

• Hustler

Hustler commercial mowers offer 5 years warranty and Hustler residential mowers up to 4 years warranty.

Winner: Hustler mowers are step ahead in providing better warranty.

5. Price

The price of the mower is a bigger key point that has a noteworthy impact in making your decision. Let’s see which mowers can fit your budget.

• Grasshopper

Grasshopper mowers are found at various prices starting from $7,000 to $23,000.

• Hustler

Hustler mowers are much affordable as they come within $3,099 to $20,000.

Winner: The ultimate winner is the Hustler mower.

Which One to Select?

Are you still confused, buddy?

Well, it is obvious for anyone to get confused easily between the Grasshopper and Hustler mowers.

However, for both residential and commercial use, I recommend going with the Hustler mowers. Because their offerings are way more upgraded than the Grasshopper mowers.

What Engine is in a Hustler Zero Turn Mower?

Answer: In most cases, a Hustler zero turn mower is encountered with Kawasaki and Vanguard engines. Their horsepower remains from 15 hp and can go up to 30 hp. The speed provided by them is 7 to 9 mph on average.

What Engine is in the Grasshopper 900D Mower?

Answer: A Grasshopper 900D mower is manufactured with an engine from Kubota and it is a MaxTorque one. Having 3 cylinders, the engine is considered a pretty suitable one for a small to medium lawn. Also, its air filtration is of dual elements.


In the end, I can say that both the Grasshopper mowers and the Hustler mowers are tough on each other. But, you have to make a wise move by considering the Grasshopper mowers vs Hustler.

The facts elaborated in the article is a useful way in this regard. By the way, like their differences, the Grasshopper mower problems and Hustler mower problems also vary from each other. So, think carefully before you select the mower.

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