[Solved!] Why Grasshopper Mower Won’t Start Just Clicks?

grasshopper mower won't start just clicks

A frustrating experience for you can be your Grasshopper mower’s starting issues. What is more tiring is that it doesn’t start but just clicks.

So, why won’t a Grasshopper mower start just clicking?

It is due to the faulty starter solenoid, weak charging system, starter motor out of power, less sparks than usual, and engine becoming weak.

Luckily, you selected the accurate article that can guide you completely regarding the Grasshopper mower won’t start just clicks.

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Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower Won’t Start Just Clicks?

As the Grasshopper mower clicking but not starting can lead to new issues, you must detect the root cause soon.

Therefore, a list of the possible reasons with specific solutions is included here.

Serial            Reasons                       Fixes
1Faulty starter solenoidClean copper plate or change the solenoid
2Weak charging systemGet a new charger or a battery
3Starter motor out of powerCheck the connections and adjust them
4Less sparks than usualGo through the spark plug and replace it
5Engine becoming weakInspect the engine and change the oil

Detailed Solutions: Grasshopper Mower Won’t Start Just Clicks?

Frankly speaking, almost every Grasshopper mower user faces this issue of the mower won’t start just clicks. In this case, without troubleshooting Grasshopper lawn mower, it won’t leave the mower.

Troubleshooting the mower will demand you to know what can cause the trouble and how you handle it correctly. Well, all these are discussed here to help you.

So, why don’t you jump into the trifles?

Reason 1: Faulty Starter Solenoid

Most of the Grasshopper mower starting issues are connected with the starter solenoid.

But, when the solenoid works with the copper plate that has excessive dirt, it starts malfunctioning. Also, the spring on the solenoid can have rust and cause it not to work.

Solution: Clean Copper Plate or Change the Solenoid

In this case, cleaning the copper plate and taking a glance at the spring is essential. The spring can be changed if it is rusty. If nothing works, you may have to change the solenoid.

Reason 2: Weak Charging System

Weak charging system on a Grasshopper mower won’t let it start just clicks.

If the charger is on duty for a few years, it is obvious to get weaker day by day. Moreover, the number of dead cells in the battery can increase gradually. And, finally, no power will be sent to the mower.

Solution: Get a New Charger or Battery

Solving this cause is much easier but it may cost you a bit. If the charger has no continuity, change it with the same voltage one. The same goes for the battery with dead cells.

Reason 3: Starter Motor Out of Power

Another issue in the starter unit is the starter motor out of power.

The power flow gets disturbed in case the starter motor and the battery are having loose connections. The vibration of the mower is responsible in this respect.

Solution: Check the Connections and Adjust Them

What you can do is take the manual book and follow the wiring diagram. Then, adjust the connections as they are illustrated in the book.

Reason 4: Less Sparks Than Usual

Less sparks than usual indicates the spark plug is having some difficulties.

For example, the spark plug can be much older and getting weaker little by little. And, it is a red flag for its capacity of creating sparks. Thus, the mower just clicks but won’t start.

Solution: Go Through the Spark Plug and Replace It

In case of the spark plug, you should pay it a visit to see its present state. In case no sparks or less sparks are produced, think no other way than replacing it.

Reason 5: Engine Becoming Weak

The engine becoming weak or not responding as regular can let the mower have starting issues.

It is mostly caused by the engine oil that you are using for an extended duration. Because over time, the oil’s efficiency is decreased and it gets completely bad.

Solution: Inspect the Engine and Change the Oil

As the engine is the most important part, you should deal with it with much care. Check its oil and match the expiry date. I prefer changing the oil immediately to start the mower again.

Why is the Grasshopper Mower Solenoid Clicking But Won’t Start?

Answer: The clicking sound on a Grasshopper mower solenoid is good but if it won’t start, that’s a concerning thing. Because, it is a sign that the starter motor is lacking enough power to start. And, it is preventing the solenoid from engaging.

Why is My Grasshopper Mower Starter Not Turning?

Answer: A Grasshopper mower starter fails to start when it gets disconnected from the battery and receives no power. It is caused when the connection becomes faulty or loose and hinders the power flow from the battery.

Final Words

In my opinion, the Grasshopper mower won’t start just clicks is an outcome of the rider’s ignorance to the mower. Because all the reasons described in the article shows they didn’t get the regular maintenance that they demand.

Keeping that in mind, take tips from the troubleshooting ways that are elaborated in the article. And, an inspection is a wise decision before reaching any conclusion.

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