[Solved!] Why Grasshopper Mower Won’t Move in 2023?

grasshopper mower won't move

Among the Grasshopper mower problems, the issue of Grasshopper mower won’t move can surely give you a hard time. Most importantly, it tends to appear frequently.

But, why won’t a Grasshopper mower move?

The possible causes are the lack of hydraulic fluid, dirt in the carburetor, faulty tensioner pulley, no presence of power, and hydraulic fluid with air.

For troubleshooting the Grasshopper mower, you have to know why a Grasshopper mower won’t move and what are the fixes. The following discussion can show you the way to them.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower Won’t Move?

In my opinion, checking the possible reasons for a quick inspection is much helpful. For that reason, I have added a short list of them along with their smart fixes.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Lack of hydraulic fluidCheck the fluid filters and fill new fluid
2Dirts in carburetorPurify the carburetor or get it replaced
3Faulty tensioner pulleyLubricate the pulley or replace it
4No presence of powerCheck for battery continuity or change it
5Hydraulic fluid with airDrain the fluid and put fresh fluid

Fixes Talk: Grasshopper Mower Won’t Move?

A Grasshopper mower won’t start is a quickly solvable issue but the mower won’t move gives the tiresome time. True indeed, I had the same experience in my case.

Luckily, I learned a lot of facts while fixing the trouble. Here I have discussed them with details to show you the way to get rid of the error.

So, let’s step ahead to learn them.

Reason 1: Lack of Hydraulic Fluid

A Grasshopper mower won’t move is a consequence of having no hydraulic fluid in the mower.

No fluid is normal but fluid not flowing to the required places is not normal. When the hydraulic fluid filters are clogged with much debris, they can not let the fluid flow.

Solution: Check the Fluid Filters and Fill New Fluid

First, give the hydraulic fluid filters a proper check and clean them if possible. Otherwise, replacing them is recommended. And, if fluid level is not enough, fill new fluid.

Reason 2: Dirts In Carburetor

A carburetor with dirt is not a new scene for the mower.

The sadder part is this debris and dirt is responsible for clogging the carburetor. As a result, the fuel can also get contaminated and may not help the mower in moving.

Solution: Purify the Carburetor or Get It Replaced

The way to drive this issue away is purifying the carburetor. While doing it, look for clogging in it and remove that carefully. In case of a bad carburetor, get it replaced.

Reason 3: Faulty Tensioner Pulley

The tensioner pulley is on duty to ensure the drive belt is with a perfect tension and in the correct position.

But, over time, the tensioner pulley feels the need of lubrication and stops working. Also, it can get damaged or worn out gradually. And, all these result in the moving issue.

Solution: Lubricate the Pulley or Change It

When was the last time you lubricated the pulley?

Check the tensioner pulley to find that out and lubricate it carefully. If no changes are noticed, changing the tensioner pulley is a wise act.

Reason 4: No Presence of Power

A common reason is a mistake made by many riders and that is no presence of power in the mower.

Well, it is an outcome of the battery with a lower charging level. Unfortunately, the battery can go bad and refuses to take charge. And, it is a red flag for the mower in moving.

Solution: Check for Battery Continuity or Replace It

As the battery is an electric part, you must check its continuity with a multimeter. Do it only when the battery doesn’t take charge. In that case, replacing it is preferred.

Reason 5: Hydraulic Fluid With Air

Another reason connected with the hydraulic fluid is the presence of air in that fluid.

Yes, you heard me right. From leakages to anyhow, air can reach there and cause the problem. It also makes the mower weak on one side.

Solution: Drain the Fluid and Put Fresh Fluid

Draining the fluid and putting in new fluid are the easiest ways in this regard. However, you can also let the rear drive tires function to release the air.

Why is My Grasshopper Mower Not Moving?

Answer: A Grasshopper mower tries hard but fails to move when it runs with no charge in battery. In some cases, the clogged fuel hoses are also responsible for letting it happen. In case the transmission is defective, the Grasshopper mower won’t move.

Why is My Grasshopper Mower Not driving?

Answer: A Grasshopper mower not driving is mostly the result of air getting inside the hydraulic unit, and the imbalanced temperature of the hydraulic fluid. Also, the mower brake in an engaged position can cause it.

Wrap Up

In the end, there is no doubt that a Grasshopper mower has an excellent capability of performing outstandingly. But, the Grasshopper mower won’t move comes up to remind the rider that the mower is having irregularities.

Well, they are mostly caused by the owner for not paying much attention towards the mower. However, having the reasons and solutions in hand, you can easily make the mower perform like before.

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