Grasshopper Mower Won’t Crank? [05 Reasons & Fixes]

grasshopper mower won't crank

Grasshopper mower problems include a frustrating one and it is that the mower doesn’t crank at all. Due to it, the Grasshopper mower won’t move let alone running.

But, why won’t a Grasshopper mower crank?

It is due to the corrosion in the spark plug, issues in the battery, stuck starter rope, bad rewind spring, and faulty recoil starter.

As you are here, let me tell you, your selection is on point. Because the article is designed with everything about the Grasshopper mower won’t crank.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower Won’t Crank?

Grasshopper mower troubleshooting doesn’t take much time when you know the reasons behind the Grasshopper mower won’t crank.

Learn about them by taking a glance at the following list.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Corrosion in spark plugClean the spark plug or get it changed
2Issues in batteryClean the battery, ensure continuity or replace
3Stuck starter ropePurify the starter rope and the mower deck
4Bad rewind springReadjust the rewind spring or replace it
5Faulty recoil starterInspect properly and install a new recoil starter

Talk on Fixes: Grasshopper Mower Won’t Crank?

When a Grasshopper mower doesn’t crank, it brings the Grasshopper mower won’t start just clicks along with it. In this way, more issues are invited by the cranking trouble, which is truly threatening.

As I understand that very well, I have elaborated the causes of why a Grasshopper mower won’t crank. And, how you can drive that away is also attached with them.

Therefore, make sure to go through them one by one.

Reason 1: Corrosion Buildup In Spark Plug

One of the common reasons is the presence of corrosion buildup in the spark plug.

The two parts of the spark plug – insulator and the electrode are close to getting dirty. And, the dirt and debris gradually turn into corrosion and affect the spark plug.

Solution: Clean the Spark Plug or Get It Changed

First, check the parts and if corrosion is spotted, clean them by spraying the cleaner. And, wipe carefully. In case that doesn’t help, get the spark plug changed.

Reason 2: Issues In Battery

A Grasshopper mower battery not holding charge can hinder the mower in cranking.

When the battery is serving for an extended time, weakness in it increases day by day. As a result, it fails to deliver the voltage and the mower won’t crank.

Solution: Clean the Battery, Ensure Continuity, or Replace

Try by cleaning the battery and checking its continuity. Both multimeter and voltmeter can be of great use. If no positivity is detected, replace the battery.

Reason 3: Stuck Starter Rope

A stuck starter rope on a Grasshopper mower won’t let the mower crank.

When the mower deck gets fraught with excessive debris and grass, it affects the starter rope. It also gets dirty and eventually gets stuck and doesn’t help the starter unit.

Solution: Purify the Starter Rope and the Mower Deck

In this case, clean the starter rope carefully if your inspection catches it with dirt and debris. Do the same for the Grasshopper mower deck as it is quicker to attract dirt and debris.

Reason 4: Bad Rewind Spring

A bad rewind spring is an irritating barrier for the Grasshopper to crank while starting.

Because the spring can get misadjusted and cause the starter rope to stay disengaged. If the spring goes completely bad, the starter rope stays off duty and the cranking doesn’t happen.

Solution: Readjust the Rewind Spring or Replace It

The solution to the issue is going through the rewind spring and adjusting it again. If it is found in a bad state, replace it quickly.

Reason 5: Faulty Recoil Starter

A recoil starter is an essential part that helps the mower in starting.

But, when it is influenced by faults, the crankshaft tries hard but fails to turn the engine on. In other words, a defective recoil starter prevents the engine from starting and the mower from cranking.

Solution: Inspect Proper and Install a New Recoil Starter

The fix to a bad recoil starter is inspecting it to see if it is curable. If repair won’t work on it, installing a new recoil starter is a wise decision.

Why Does My Grasshopper Mower Turn Over But Won’t Crank?

Answer: In case your Grasshopper mower is turning over but stopped cranking, the cause might be the low amount of fuel. From the irregularities in the gas valve to the defects in the choke, anything can let the issue come up.

What to Check First When the Grasshopper Mower Won’t Crank?

Answer: When the Grasshopper mower won’t crank, the first thing to check is the starting method you followed is correct. Because a wrong starting may help the mower starting for a while but the cranking won’t be heard.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I must remind you that a Grasshopper mower won’t crank can let the mower suffer from more issues if it is ignored. That’s why giving it much importance and uprooting it is essential.

For that reason, keep the article with you while troubleshooting the mower to apply remedies. In case you suspect the mower is old enough, check out what year is my Grasshopper mower to be sure.

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