Grasshopper Mower vs Exmark: Which One is Better?

grasshopper mower vs exmark

While searching for a perfect mower, you will meet different types of Grasshopper mowers and many types of Exmark mowers. Frankly speaking, Grasshopper and Exmark are indeed praiseworthy in coming with extraordinary features.

Hence, it becomes so confusing for a person. But, which one is better between the Grasshopper and Exmark mowers?

A Grasshopper mower is much upgraded than an Exmark mower in case of speed and displacement and the fuel capacity. 

As you are about to purchase a mower, I will guide you regarding the Grasshopper mower vs Exmark. Each of their differences are included with details.

So, why don’t you get started?

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower vs Exmark

Before you jump into the discussion, I suggest checking out the comparison chart of Exmark and Grasshopper mowers.

SerialKey FactorsGrasshopper MowerExmark Mowers
1DisplacementUp to 993 ccUp to 925 cc
2SpeedUp to 11 mph (7.20 acres/hour)Up to 7 mph (2.80 acres/hour)
3Deck Sizes48″ to 72″48″ to 144″
4Fuel CapacityUp to 54.1 lUp to 45.4 l
5Cost$7,900 to $23,000$3,899 to $27,000

In-Depth Discussion: Grasshopper Mower vs Exmark

In case you are worrying about the Grasshopper mower problems or the Exmark mower’s, let me tell you these are a usual matter for every mower.

However, to show you a clear direction regarding the Grasshopper mower vs Exmark, I have explained the key points in this section.

Therefore, don’t miss the chance to have a look at them.

1. Displacement

Displacement on a lawn mower is an important factor to look at. Because it has a direct connection with the engine performance.

So, let’s find out what the displacement range of Grasshopper and Exmark mowers are.

• Grasshopper Mower

Grasshopper mowers are featured with a displacement range of up to 993 cc and it is quite eye-catching.

• Exmark Mower

On the contrary, Exmark mowers come with up to 925 cc of displacement.

Winner: The winner in this regard is the Grasshopper mower.

2. Speed

The speed of a mower tells how fast you can ride the mower and how much area it can cover within an hour.

• Grasshopper Mower

A Grasshopper mower can have a speed of 11 mph and it covers 7.20 acres per hour.

• Exmark Mower

In the case of Exmark mowers, the speed can go up to 7 mph and the coverage is 2.80 acres per hour.

Winner: The Grasshopper mower has a noteworthy speed.

3. Deck Sizes

Different sizes of decks are preferred to choose the one your lawn will suit.

• Grasshopper Mower

Grasshopper offers 48 inches to 72 inches of deck sizes.

• Exmark Mower

Exmark mowers are equipped with 48 inches to 144 inches of decks.

Winner: Exmark has a wide range of deck sizes.

4. Fuel Capacity

A better fuel capacity means the mower can run for a longer time.

• Grasshopper Mower

The fuel capacity on Grasshopper mowers can raise up to 54.1 l.

• Exmark Mower

Exmark mowers have a fuel capacity of up to 45.4 l.

Winner: The trophy of victory goes to the Grasshopper mower.

5. Cost

Cost of a mower is indeed a factor to consider wisely.

• Grasshopper Mower

The cost of Grasshopper mowers starts from $7900 and goes up to $23,000.

• Exmark Mower

The price of Exmark mowers is $3,899 to $27,000.

Winner: Grasshopper mowers are much cheaper than Exmark.

Which One to Choose?

In case your confusion is still not cleared, let me tell you more.

A Grasshopper mower is recommended in case you care more about speed, fuel capacity, displacement and of course, an affordable price.

On the contrary, an Exmark mower is ideal for a lawn of small or medium size with a large range of deck size. But, think about its price as it is a bit higher.

What is the Most Powerful Grasshopper Mower?

Answer: Among so many Grasshoppers mowers, the most powerful one is the Grasshopper 900D zero turn mower. This 1.3L mower has gained much fame for offering a better speed with efficient features.

Why is Exmark Mowers So Popular?

Answer: Exmark mowers have a notable popularity as they are successful in ensuring the advanced durability in their mowers. Users call the Exmark mowers reliable ones that satisfy the users with excellent results.

The Verdict

In short, I prefer considering everything when it comes to Grasshopper mower vs Exmark. It is because both of them are worth appreciation and not less than each other.

Therefore, think carefully, taking much time to make the wise move. Moreover, when an Exmark mower falls in danger, Exmark mower troubleshooting becomes a great help.

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