Grasshopper Mower Pulls to One Side? 5 Reasons + Fixes

grasshopper mower pulls to one side

A Grasshopper mower won’t move in one side or pull to one side can occur after an extended period of using the mower. The way it appears is certainly frustrating for the user.

But, why does a Grasshopper mower pull to one side?

The possible reasons are the defects in spindles, imbalanced air in tires, hydrostatic motor with air, stuck steering arms, and traction is misadjusted.

As you are already here, you will get everything of why a Grasshopper mower pulls to one side and how you can remedy that.

So, let’s start reading.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower Pulls to One Side?

A better way to check the Grasshopper mower pulls to one side issue is having a short note of the reasons and remedies.

Take a glance at the following table to get that.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Defects in spindlesLubricate the spindles or change them
2Imbalanced air in tiresFill the needed pressure of air in the tires
3Hydrostatic motor with airClean hydrostatic unit and change fluid
4Stuck steering armsReadjust the steering arms
5Traction is misadjustedFix the adjustment of the traction

What Your Take: Grasshopper Mower Pulls to One Side?

A rider feels like a serious misery when the Grasshopper mower pulls to one side. Then, Grasshopper mower troubleshooting becomes much more essential.

For proper guidance on the troubleshooting task, the following discussion has got your back with the correct info.

So, why don’t you go through them one by one?

Reason 1: Defects in Spindles

The spindles on your Grasshopper mower deck have an indirect connection in helping the mower in running.

But, at a time, you may notice the spindles are not spinning spontaneously. It can be a result of the lack of lubrication or the spindles are attacked with damages.

Solution: Lubricate the Spindles or Change Them

To get the spindles back on duty, you can try lubricating them. If that doesn’t work, check for damages on their body. Changing the spindles becomes essential when they get defective.

Reason 2: Imbalanced Air in Tires

An ignored mistake of the rider is putting imbalanced air in the Grasshopper mower tires.

Yes, you heard it right. When a tire works with less air than the other, the mower pulls to one side. The other side becomes weak and can not move as usual.

Solution: Fill the Needed Pressure of Air in Tires

A tire pressure gauge is the tool you need in this case. Using it, check the pressure and fill the tire that has less air with the required amount of air pressure. Also, from now on, ensure the pressure on both tires are equal.

Reason 3: Hydrostatic Motor With Air

Another common cause is the hydrostatic motor filled with air.

Air can enter there in many ways but the easiest way is getting mixed with hydraulic fluid. It is an obstruction for a side of the mower to get weak.

Solution: Clean the Hydrostatic Unit and Change the Fluid

To get the air out of the hydrostatic motor, cleaning the entire unit is a must. Otherwise, the air may still be left there. Also, change the fluid to ensure better protection.

Reason 4: Stuck Steering Arms

Stuck steering arms are always a barrier for the Grasshopper mower to run freely.

Because the adjustment of the steering arms can get misadjusted and it leads them to malfunction. It can also stuck the steering arms and cause one side of the mower not to move.

Solution: Readjust the Steering Arms

The way to fix the steering arms is going through their adjustments. In this way, you can find out if the adjustment has gone wrong. Then, readjust the steering arms following the steps detailed in the user manual.

Reason 5: Traction is Misadjusted

One side weak on a Grasshopper mower can be an outcome of the misadjusted traction.

Because due to issues in traction, one wheel tends to run with extra power than others. No matter how hard you push throttles, the mower just pulls to one side.

Solution: Fix the Adjustment of the Traction

Fixing the adjustment of the traction is the most important task in this regard. I prefer taking help from the manual book to ensure the traction is adjusted accurately.

Why Won’t My Grasshopper Mower Move Forward? 

Answer: A Grasshopper mower not moving forward is a result of the drive belt malfunctioning or the battery is delivering inadequate power. Also, clogged fuel lines refuse the fuel to flow through them and the mower doesn’t go forward.

What Would Cause a Grasshopper Mower Not Move?

Answer: A Grasshopper mower not moving happens when the mower tires are filled with incorrect air pressure. Without the equal pressure in each tire, the Grasshopper mower will keep refusing to move let alone running.

End Words

One thing I am clear about is the Grasshopper mower pulls to one side is mostly a result of the rider’s ignorance. Therefore, put extra attention on your Grasshopper mower from now on.

In some cases, the Grasshopper mower won’t crank or Grasshopper mower won’t start just clicks. At that time, don’t get panicked too early and follow the articles to fix the errors.

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