[Solved!] Why Grasshopper Mower Key Won’t Turn in 2023?

grasshopper mower key won't turn

The Ignition key on a Grasshopper mower is the main key that brings the mower on duty. But, when it doesn’t turn, the Grasshopper mower won’t start.

But, why won’t a Grasshopper mower key turn?

It can be due to the dirty ignition key, cracked or damaged key, issues in switch wirings, no charge in battery, and locked steering wheel.

As you are searching for the answers of Grasshopper mower key won’t turn, the article has got everything ready for you in this respect.

So, let’s get started without further suspension.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower Key Won’t Turn?

The task of the quick inspection becomes quicker when you have enough idea of why Grasshopper mower key won’t turn.

To assist you with that, the following table has the reasons and fixes.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Dirty ignition keyClean the key checking each corner
2Cracked or damaged keyInspect and get a new key
3Issues in switch wiringsCheck and adjust the wiring connections
4No charge in batteryGet the battery charged or change it
5Locked steering wheelUnlock the steering wheel and turn the key

Detailed Discussion: Grasshopper Mower Key Won’t Turn?

When a Grasshopper mower key doesn’t turn, the Grasshopper mower won’t move or not start at all. Now, you can realize the issue is capable of forcing the mower to sit idle.

Here in this part, you will get the details of what can cause barrier for the key and how you can deal with them.

Therefore, let’s jump into the discussion.

Reason 1: Dirty Ignition Key

Let’s start with a common reason and that is not cleaning the key before inserting.

Well, as the key is a small part it can get dirty, for example, getting in touch with soil. Also, anything stuck to it like a tape can prevent it from turning.

Solution: Clean the Key Checking Each Corner

As cleaning is concerned in this respect, you should do that before looking for other causes. Taking a toothpick and using it can let you clean each tiny corner of the key.

Reason 2: Cracked or Damaged Key

At a point, the key can have some cracks on it by accident, which is considered a barrier.

Also, a damaged key won’t be able to turn or even if it turns, the mower may not respond. These issues on the key arrive when you don’t pay much heed to it.

Solution: Inspect and Get a New Key

You may think of repairing the key anyhow, but that won’t pair with the key. The only way left in this case is getting a new key for your Grasshopper mower.

Reason 3: Issues In Switch Wirings

An important reason is the switch wirings can have irregular errors.

In this regard, the key doesn’t have any problems. Because the ignition switch itself is working with loose or corroded wires that are hindering the key from connecting.

Solution: Check and Adjust the Wiring Connections

Check the switch wires and clean them to remove dirt or corrosion from them. Then, check out the wires and connections and tighten them if required.

Reason 4: No Charge In Battery

Another cause that is mostly ignored by us is the battery has no charge.

As the ignition system is an electric unit, it functions with the voltage coming from the battery. As a result, when the battery itself has no charge, how can it provide the power?

Solution: Get the Battery Charged or Change It

There are two options to fix the issue. One is charging the battery. Another one is changing the battery if it doesn’t charge at all. So, observe the battery carefully.

Reason 5: Locked Steering Wheel

Last but not the least is the locked steering wheels.

In some cases, the steering wheel tends to get locked when you take the ignition key out. After that, inserting the key doesn’t help or turn because the steering wheel stays locked. 

Solution: Unlock the Steering Wheel and Turn The Key

When you encounter a situation, unlocking the steering wheel is necessary. Turning it left to right and right to left for a few times can unlock it. After that, the key will surely turn.

Why Doesn’t My Grasshopper Mower Click on Turning the Key?

Answer: A dead battery won’t let your Grasshopper mower click when you turn the key. It is because due to the lack of sufficient power, the engine can not make the clicking sound let alone starting. 

Why Does Nothing Happen When I Turn My Grasshopper Mower Key?

Answer: The Grasshopper mower with loose wiring connections can cause no effects when you turn the ignition key. In case the starter solenoid is not working, the same thing can happen. Also, the ignition switch itself can be out of duty.


In short, the ignition key is like a ticket to turn the Grasshopper mower on and run it as usual. But, as the key is a component, it is obvious to fall in some irregularities or dangers.

Luckily, the article shows who are the culprits behind the Grasshopper mower key won’t turn. Hence, you can fix the key turning issue by following the troubleshooting guidance.

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