How to Deal With Grasshopper Mower Hydraulic Problems?

grasshopper mower hydraulic problems

On a Grasshopper mower, the hydraulic issues can let you experience an exhausting time. The more you ignore them, the bigger they become.

But, what are the most common Grasshopper mower hydraulic problems?

They are the air in the hydraulic pump, imbalanced oil level in the reservoir, the overheating hydraulic system, clogged fluid filter, and too old fluid in use.

Fortunately, the article you selected has got your back with the details of Grasshopper mower hydraulic problems and their smart remedies.

So, let’s get started without further delay.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower Hydraulic Problems

A wise move is checking the possibilities of Grasshopper mower hydraulic problems to be sure of the solutions.

That’s why the following chart has them respectively.

Serial            Problems                        Fixes
1Air in hydraulic pumpRemove air from the hydraulic pump
2Wrong oil level in reservoirBalance the amount of oil in the reservoir
3Overheating hydraulic unitRefill hydraulic unit with adequate fluid
4Clogged fluid filterClean the fluid filter or change it
5Too old fluid in useChange the fluid immediately

Depth Discussion: Grasshopper Mower Hydraulic Problems

In my case, I also had a few Grasshopper mower hydraulic issues and most importantly, they are troublesome.

To help you in this case, I have figured out the common issues and described them with their specific remedies.

So, don’t forget to check them out one by one.

Problem 1: Air In Hydraulic Pump

One of the most common Grasshopper mower hydraulic problems is the presence of air in the hydraulic pump.

It leads the pump to malfunction by not pumping as usual. As the fluid is not pumped, it can not go anywhere and irritates the mower.

Solution: Remove Air From the Hydraulic Pump

There are a few methods to remove air from the hydraulic pump. One is lifting the mower and letting the wheels rotate as it ensures the air is used and out of the pump.

Problem 2: Imbalanced Oil Level In Reservoir

Imbalanced oil level in the reservoir is a matter to be concerned.

It is because the reservoir delivers power only when the oil level is maintained. But, low oil or extra oil will cause many errors like leakage.

Solution: Balance the Amount of Oil In Reservoir

The way to solve the issue is as simple as filling the reservoir. All you have to do is remove the oil if it is extra in amount and refill the oil if the level is too low.

Problem 3: Overheating Hydraulic System

An overheating hydraulic system is another noticeable problem that is frustrating.

You may think it is caused by overloading the mower, but that’s not the case. When the fluid level goes too lower than usual, the hydraulic unit gets overheated.

Solution: Refill the Hydraulic System with Adequate Fluid

In my opinion, refilling the hydraulic system can erase the issue. But, be alert to put only as much as required, in other words, the adequate amount.

Problem 4: Clogged Fluid Filter

A clogged fluid filter is considered a significant hazard for the hydraulic system.

It is because when the filter is clogged, the fluid can not cross it completely. The fluid may flow through it, but in a very small amount.

Solution: Clean the Fluid Filter or Change It

In this case, first, take a look at the hydraulic fluid filter. I recommend trying to clean it and if that’s not possible, changing it is mandatory.

Problem 5: Too Old Fluid In Use

A common mistake of the user is keeping the old fluid and using it again and again.

You don’t know that it is the root cause of several hydraulic troubles. For example, it can clog the hoses, the hydraulic unit can overheat, the system may not work well, and so on.

Solution: Change The Fluid Immediately

Though the issue appears in a serious note, fixing it doesn’t demand any hard labour. Just change the fluid and ensure the presence of new fluid in the hydraulic system. Do it before the issue affects other components.

What Will Happen if the Grasshopper Mower Hydraulic Fluid is Low?

Answer: On a Grasshopper mower, low hydraulic fluid is responsible for causing the mower to overheat suddenly. Both the engine and cylinders also tend to follow the route and get overheated.

What are the Main Symptoms of Grasshopper Mower Hydraulic Failure?

Answer: One of the main symptoms is the overheating temperature of the hydraulic fluid on a Grasshopper mower. However, when the hydraulic unit stops working, sudden and weird noises are noticed.

Final Words

In my opinion, whenever you notice Grasshopper mower hydraulic problems, you shouldn’t ignore them. Because a tiny negligence to them can turn into a huge trouble for the mower.

Consider my words and get on duty to uproot the issues following the given tips. As for the Grasshopper zero turn riding mower problems, going through the article can guide you.  

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