Grasshopper Mower Grease Points [Identify + Grease Time!]

grasshopper mower grease points

Being familiar with the Grasshopper mower grease points is essential to lubricate them on a regular basis. There are different grease points in particular mower parts.

And, depending on the types of Grasshopper mowers, their locations can vary a bit. But, what are the common Grasshopper mower grease points?

They are the deck spindles, deck lift pedal, front pivot axle, wheels, blade brake pivot, drive shaft, deck idler pivot, and wheel bearings.

You can not keep the Grasshopper mower healthy as long as you don’t grease the parts that can have heavy frictions. For that reason, I have listed the Grasshopper mower grease points with proper details of their locations.

So, don’t go anywhere else and stick till the end.

Which Are the Grasshopper Mower Grease Points?

From efficiency to performance, the Grasshopper mowers are certainly praiseworthy. The mower can run more freely when you grease its specific parts before they lack lubrication.

Even Grasshopper mower troubleshooting requires you to grease them. And, if you don’t know about the parts, it can be a great problem. Therefore, go through the discussion on Grasshopper mower grease points.

1. Deck Spindles

To keep your mower deck and mower blades workable, applying grease on the deck spindles is a must. Otherwise, they won’t spin as they used to.

2. Deck Lift Pedal

On the Grasshopper mower deck, the deck lift pedal is located. It doesn’t need much grease but up to three pumps.

3. Front Pivot Axle

The front pivot axle can not be left without spraying grease. And, right under its middle point, you can apply the grease.

4. Wheels

Wheels of your Grasshopper mower demands to be greased to move freely. They have fixed points for applying the grease.

5. Blade Brake Pivot

On both sides (left and right) of the Grasshopper mower deck, there are two joints named blade brake pivots. They are a noteworthy point to be lubricated.

6. Drive Shaft

An important point is the drive shaft that requires grease. Both sides of it including the rear and front need to be lubricated.

7. Deck Idler Pivot

Take a glance at the right side of the blade spindle and you will notice the deck idler pivot. Don’t forget to grease the idler pivot.

8. Wheel Bearings

The bearings on the wheels are recommended to be greased along with other mower parts.

When to Grease the Grasshopper Mower Parts?

Another common question of many users is when to grease the Grasshopper mower parts. Well, that’s a wise thought as over-lubrication can result in something bad.

Keeping that in mind, here are the signs that your Grasshopper mower parts need to be greased.

So, why don’t you take tips from them?

1. Within 25 Hours

An easier way to grease the Grasshopper mower parts within the correct time is this one. While running the mower, be alert of the run time.

As soon as the mower completes 25 hours of running, grease the mower parts. It is because the lubrication oil decreases within this time.

2. Noise of Frictions

Another smart method is observing the noises coming from the mower when it is on duty. Though many types of noises come, the noise of frictions can be recognized easily.

Be prepared to get the grease and apply on the parts. Because when their greasing has come to an end, they start having excessive frictions.

3. Difficulty In Movement

A Grasshopper mower having difficulty in moving the mower parts indicates they are having less or no greasing. Because without grease, they feel like they are jammed and can not move freely.

For example, the deck spindles don’t move or spin when they are not fed grease. Noticing the issue, get on duty to grease them immediately.

Do Grasshopper Mowers Need Grease?

Answer: Of course, Grasshopper mowers need grease and it should be done on a regular basis. Some particular parts of the mower demands regular greasing and any delay in providing that can let the mower face many issues in movement.

What Kind of Grease Do You Use On a Grasshopper Mower?

Answer: On a Grasshopper mower, you can use the Polyurea grease or SD Polyurea grease. Some users prefer multi-purpose ones or HD Lithium complex grease. But, you can consult with the manufacturer to apply the suitable one.

Final Words

Though you are already at the end, I suggest you have enough idea of Grasshopper mower grease points. It is because if you leave one point without applying grease on it, the friction will start and increase gradually.

In short, this friction is a red flag for the mower parts as it damages them badly. Therefore, to avoid all the unwanted hazards, take action within time and grease all the points regularly mentioned in the article.

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