How to Fix Grasshopper Mower Blades That Won’t Engage?

grasshopper mower blades won't engage

Imagine you just managed time to mow the lawn but your Grasshopper mower blades are not engaging. You are trying hard but they aren’t getting engaged.

How frustrating that feels! But, why won’t Grasshopper mower blades engage?

The causes are the issues in deck belt, defects in PTO clutch, faulty PTO switch, fuse not working, and pulley out of duty.

As there are many facts related to the Grasshopper mower blades won’t engage, I have elaborated them in the article.

So, stick till the end to learn more.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower Blades Won’t Engage? 

Having the concept of why Grasshopper mower blades won’t engage is a better option.

The following chart has it all along with the fixes.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Issues in deck beltReposition the belt or change it
2Defects in PTO clutchGet the PTO clutch replaced quickly
3Faulty PTO switchInspect continuity and change it
4Fuse not workingCheck and install a new fuse
5Pulley out of dutyGet the pulley changed immediately

Detailed Solutions: Grasshopper Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

After using the Grasshopper mower for a long time, its blades tend to do some malfunctionings. Among them, not engaging situations is a remarkable one.

However, getting rid of the issue is a must to mow the lawn without any interruption. Here you will get the root causes and also their fixing methods.

So, why don’t you step ahead to meet them?

Reason 1: Issues In Deck Belt

The deck belt with irregular issues can force your Grasshopper mower blades not to engage.

Because the wrong position of the deck belt can create difficulties for the blades while engaging. In some cases an incorrect adjustment of the deck can lead both the belt and blades malfunction.

Solution: Reposition the Belt or Change It

In this case, first, reposition the Grasshopper mower deck belt. If it doesn’t help, check out how to adjust Grasshopper mower deck as the deck can cause it. Finally, change the belt if anything is of no use.

Reason 2: Defects In PTO Clutch

Engaging the mower blades depends largely on the PTO clutch.

Unfortunately, a not working PTO clutch can invite the engaging issues for the blades. Also, the PTO clutch is connected to a solenoid and anything wrong in it can cause the error, too.

Solution: Get the PTO Clutch Replaced Quickly

In the case of the PTO clutch, there is no other way than replacing it with a new one. Because repairing is of no use for it. If the solenoid is faulty, do not delay in changing it.

Reason 3: Faulty PTO Switch

It can happen that you have changed the PTO clutch and the solenoid, but the problem is still there.

This is time for having a glimpse at the PTO switch. It is because the clutch won’t get the required power from the switch and be operated by it if the switch is damaged.

Solution: Inspect Continuity and Change It

A PTO switch is recommended to be checked by a multimeter to observe its continuity. If you see no continuity in it, changing the switch is the wise move.

Reason 4: Fuse Not Working

The fuse on a Grasshopper mower is considered one of the most important components.

Sadly, the fuse not working is an alarming matter for the mower blades. Because when it can not function, the blades won’t get enough power to be engaged.

Solution: Check and Install a New Fuse

By checking the fuse, you can see if it is attacked with a short circuit or if it is having a loose connection. A blown fuse can not have repair and a loose connection can be fixed easily.

Reason 5: Pulley Out of Duty

Let me assume! You have followed the possible tips but the blades are still not engaging.

Then, the root cause is lying at the pulleys that take care of the belt deck belt’s tension. But, when it goes off duty by stopping the spinning, the belt can slip a lot. And thus, the blades are affected.

Solution: Get the Pulley Changed Immediately

As for the pulleys, they should be checked with much attention. If it is stuck with dirt or soil or grass clippings, you can simply clean it. If it is badly damaged, change it immediately.

Why Won’t My Grasshopper Mower Blades Stay Engaged?

Answer: The blades on a Grasshopper mower tend to disengage when the blade bearings are at fault. The spindles not rotating or doing their job can let the blades suffer from the trouble.

Why Are My Grasshopper Mower Blades Spinning But Not Cutting?

Answer: When the connection of the Grasshopper mower blades become loose, the blades will spin but won’t cut. Also, a not well functioning pulley unit is responsible for the issue.

End Note

Though the Grasshopper mower blades won’t engage is not at all a pleasing incident, solving it is much easier. Only taking care of the mower and going with the accurate solutions can help significantly.

In case your Grasshopper mower has starting issues, check out the Grasshopper mower won’t crank. If it becomes weak on one side, go through the Grasshopper mower pulls to one side.

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