[Solved!] Grasshopper Mower Battery Location: Where is it?

grasshopper mower battery location

In the list of Grasshopper mower problems, the Grasshopper mower won’t move is mostly caused by the battery issues. Though sad, it is true that the battery with defects won’t let the mower function properly.

But, when you don’t know the location of the battery, you can not even take care of it let alone troubleshooting. So, where is the battery located on a Grasshopper mower? 

The battery on a Grasshopper mower is found right below the rider’s seat. It is also encountered under the back cover and at the left corner of it.

To be honest, knowing the Grasshopper mower battery location is considered a must for every owner. Keeping that in mind, the article will illustrate many facts related to the battery location.

So, don’t go anywhere else and stay till the end.

Where is the Battery Located on a Grasshopper Mower?

On a Grasshopper mower, you will find the battery right under the mower’s hood or just below the rider’s seat. In some cases, the back cover can have it right below the cover and at the left.

The location of the battery can change depending on which type mower it is. Also, the Grasshopper mower series has an impact in this case.

But, most of the mowers have the batteries at the places I mentioned. In case you can not find it, consult the manufacturer with the mower’s model number.

What Size is the Battery for a Grasshopper Mower?

The size of the battery for a Grasshopper mower is 12V and it is seen in all mowers of Grasshopper. No matter which one or which series you select, the battery size will be 12V.

Matching with the battery size, the capacity and CCA (Cold Crank Amps) of the battery are also higher. For example, the CCA range in a Grasshopper mower battery is 200, which increases the battery performance.

3 Signs of a Bad Grasshopper Mower Battery

Now that you know the Grasshopper mower battery location, it is time for an important matter. That is having enough idea of how to tell if the Grasshopper mower battery is dead.

It is required when you are suspecting the battery, but not so sure. Understanding the situation, a list of the signs of a bad battery is given here.

So, why don’t you take a glimpse at them?

1. Mower Won’t Start

A Grasshopper mower won’t start most of the time as a result of a bad battery. Because the battery is considered the house of voltage that delivers power to the engine.

As the flow of power stops with the bad battery, the mower fails to start.

2. Draining Charge Rapidly

A bad or weak battery likes to drain charge rapidly. The tendency to lose charge in a short time is encountered after a few years of using it.

You will notice that the battery is demanding to be charged more than before. And, it tells how fast the charge is being used.

3. Blades Won’t Engage

A Grasshopper mower not cutting grass is a sign that blades are not engaging. And, all of these lead to one thing and that is the defective battery.

It is because when the dead battery provides zero voltage, the blades can not engage at all. Even the PTO unit stays off duty due to it.

How Long Does a Grasshopper Mower Battery Last?

Answer: On a Grasshopper mower, the battery can last for three years on average. The lifespan can go up to five years and many users have already experienced that. Because they were much concerned about its regular maintenance that expanded the longevity.

What is the Standard Battery for a Grasshopper Mower?

Answer: For a Grasshopper mower battery replacement, the standard battery is the one with the similar voltage. In my opinion, when the battery matches the manufacturer’s recommendations including material, voltage and so on, it is a standard one.

What Causes the Grasshopper Mower Battery to be Dead?

Answer: When the battery on a Grasshopper mower has been serving for a long time, it can be dead anytime. Because by that time, the cells of the battery get bad and don’t hold charge like earlier. Also, if a short circuit appears in the wires, the battery may get affected, too.

Final Words

Finally, you are at the end and your idea of staying till the end is truly wonderful. However, I can surely say that now you have the Grasshopper mower battery location. Ain’t I right, buddy?

From now on, you can perform the regular maintenance of the battery including cleaning it. In case it is causing the deck to malfunction, learn the method of how to adjust Grasshopper mower deck.

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