[Solved!] Dewalt Lawn Mower Won’t Stay Running in 2023?

dewalt lawn mower won't stay running

Dewalt lawn mower problems include the Dewalt lawn mower’s interruption in running. In other words, the mower stops in the middle of running.

But, why won’t a Dewalt lawn mower stay running?

The causes are the fuel is out of date, clogged air filter, incorrect mower height, overheating motor, and carburetor with bad fuel.

Luckily, the article has all details of the Dewalt lawn mower won’t stay running, including the causes and fixes.

So, why don’t you jump in?

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Won’t Stay Running?

To assist you in reaching the issue, here is a short description of the reasons and solutions of a Dewalt lawn mower won’t stay running.

That’s why don’t forget to give it a check.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Fuel out of dateReplace the fuel immediately
2Clogged air filterClean the filter or change it
3Incorrect mower heightAdjust the mower height correctly
4Overheating motorBalance the work pressure on mower
5Carburetor with bad fuelDrain the fuel and clean the carburetor

Worthy Fixes: Dewalt Lawn Mower Won’t Stay Running?

In case a Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off, that truly terrifies the rider. The same goes when the running of the mower stops suddenly.

Fortunately, here in this section, the guidance on how to keep the mower running is illustrated.

So, continue reading to apply them accordingly.

Reason 1: Fuel Out of Date

Fuel out of date means the fuel has crossed the date of holding its efficiency.

As it works with less workability than earlier, the mower fails to continue its running. Because the engine demands fresh and compatible fuel to run.

Solution: Replace the Fuel Immediately

When was the last time you changed the fuel?

If it is more than 30 days, consider the fuel is not suitable to use. Therefore, replace the fuel immediately. And, to increase its lifespan, the fuel stabilizer can help.

Reason 2: Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter is regarded as a noteworthy barrier for air to reach the carburetor.

It is because as soon as the filter gets clogged with excessive debris and catches corrosion, the air gets blocked. As a result, the carburetor mixes the wrong amount of fuel and air.

Solution: Clean the Filter or Change It

Though the clogged air filter seems to be an ignorable issue, it is not. Because the wrong type of air and fuel mixture can cause more issues.

Therefore, you have to jump into cleaning the filter and maintaining its material. In case it is not cleanable, change it soon.

Reason 3: Incorrect Mower Height

A wrong mower height is also responsible in case a Dewalt lawn mower won’t stay running.

Because the wrong height will make it hard for the mower to run in dense or dry or wet grass. As a result, the mower will overheat and stop running.

Solution: Adjust the Mower Height Correctly

Only by adjusting the Dewalt lawn mower height you can get rid of the issue. But for the adjustment, I prefer following the method detailed in the manual book. Because it ensures no room for mistakes.

Reason 4: Overheating Motor

An overheating motor means the mower won’t stay running for a long time.

It is because way more work pressure on the Dewalt lawn mower is much harmful for the motor. Gradually, overheating occurs in it and forces the mower to stop running.

Solution: Balance the Work Pressure on the Mower

To avoid the overheating motor issue, make sure to balance the work pressure on the mower. Be alert of how much the mower can endure and follow that accordingly.

Reason 5: Carburetor with Bad Fuel

The Dewalt lawn mower carburetor with bad fuel is a threat for the carburetor.

Because the residue produced by the contaminated fuel is responsible for clogging the carburetor. Consequently, fuel from the carburetor may get blocked and not flow anywhere.

Solution: Drain the Fuel and Clean the Carburetor

In this case, draining the bad fuel is the most essential step. After that, clean the carburetor as you always do or just with a carburetor cleaning spray. Be cautious to wipe it thoroughly after cleaning.

Why Does My Dewalt Lawn Mower Start Then Cut Out?

Answer: A Dewalt lawn mower starts then cuts out mostly because of the carburetor that is left untouched or uncleaned. As time passes, the fuel in it forces it to clog with residue.

Why Won’t My Dewalt Lawn Mower Won’t Stay Working?

Answer: A Dewalt lawn mower won’t stay working when the oil reservoir gets filled with too much fuel. If the fuel mixture is not on point due to the wrong proportion, the mower may not work steadily.


In short, I must say that a little bit more care to the mower can prevent the issue of a Dewalt lawn mower won’t stay running. I guess you also agree with my opinion.

That’s why go through the causes and apply their accurate solutions. If the mower shows starting issues, check out the Dewalt lawn mower not starting.

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