[Solved!] Dewalt Lawn Mower Won’t Start in 2023? Try Must!

dewalt lawn mower won't start

Are you tired of trying to start your Dewalt lawn mower?

A Dewalt lawn mower refusing to start even after trying for several times is a common matter.

But, why won’t a Dewalt lawn mower start?

The possible causes are the less power from battery, loose plug-ins, wrong starting manner, defective start switch, and bad safety switch.

This brief info won’t make changes. And therefore, I have designed the article with the reasons a Dewalt lawn mower won’t start and the remedies of them.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

To assist you in a smart way, here is a list of those causes of a Dewalt lawn mower won’t start along with their specific fixes.

Therefore, don’t forget to take a glance at it.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Less power from batteryClean and charge the battery or change it
2Loose plug-insSecure the plug-ins connections
3Wrong starting mannerStart the mower correctly
4Defective start switchClean or get the start switch changed
5Bad safety switchInstall a new safety switch

Solutions: Dewalt Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

A Dewalt lawn mower not starting is undoubtedly a frustrating matter to handle with calmness. While performing the Dewalt lawn mower troubleshooting, you need to step ahead with the causes.

For that reason, this segment is fraught with the details of them and how you can smartly get rid of them.

So, let’s not wait anymore and continue reading.

Reason 1: Less Power From Battery

A Dewalt lawn mower getting less power from the battery can not start as regular.

Because when the battery gets attacked with dirt and debris, it may not charge as usual. In some cases, the user forgets to check the battery if it is charged or not.

Solution: Clean and Charge the Battery or Change It

In this case, clean the battery and its compartment thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. Then, charge the battery. If it is bad, no charge will go in and you have to change it.

Reason 2: Loose Plug-Ins

The internal plug-ins of a Dewalt lawn mower can get loosened over time.

These plug-ins are connected with diverse components and the electric unit. As the mower vibrates a lot, the loosening of them is obvious to happen.

Solution: Secure the Plug-Ins Connections

The plug-ins are required to deliver power from one part to another. And that’s why inspect them with much attention and secure the connections as per required.

Reason 3: Wrong Starting Manner

Dewalt has many types of lawn mowers and depending on that, the starting manner can vary a bit.

In case you are not aware of that or you are a new user of Dewalt lawn mowers, you may go with the wrong procedure. Thus, the mower fails to start.

Solution: Start the Mower Correctly

First, be sure of which Dewalt lawn mower you have. And, after that, look for the starting procedure in the user manual and following that will certainly start the mower.

Reason 4: Defective Start Switch

In case you went with the correct manner but the mower is still not starting, the start switch can be defective.

It can get stuck due to catching obsessive dirt and debris. Consequently, the functioning of the switch stops and prevents the mower from starting.

Solution: Clean or Get the Start Switch Changed

Cleaning the start switch is considered a great help in this regard. If it makes no difference, get the start switch changed with a new one.

Reason 5: Bad Safety Switch

The safety switch on a Dewalt lawn mower is an essential part that helps in starting the mower.

But, after a few years, the switch can go bad and it causes numerous issues for the starting procedure. For example, even though you sit on the seat, the switch may not feel you and start the mower.

Solution: Install a New Safety Switch

After checking everything, I guess you also suspect the safety switch. So, inspect it evenly and install a new one if the current one is not working.

Why is My Dewalt Lawn Mower Hard to Start?

Answer: A Dewalt lawn mower hard to start is caused by the loose connections of the power unit. As a result, the engine gets less amount of power than it requires to start the Dewalt lawn mower.

Why Does My Dewalt Lawn Mower Take Forever to Start?

Answer: Presence of clogging in the fuel filter is much likely to be the culprit of a Dewalt lawn mower that takes forever to start. Because of it, fuel feels a barrier in its way to the engine and the carburetor. Thus, too much time is needed to start the mower.

End Note

On the whole, a few silly and tiny mistakes of ours are widely responsible for a Dewalt lawn mower won’t start. I guess even you have realized that from the article as it presents the root causes.

However, as soon as you reach the cause, don’t forget to apply the suitable remedy to it. After that, be more cautious to take proper care of the Dewalt lawn mower.

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