[Solved!] Dewalt Lawn Mower Stopped Working in 2023?

dewalt lawn mower stopped working

No matter which types of Dewalt lawn mower you have, it may let you experience the sudden stopping of it. I can feel that you are already going through the phase.

But, why does a Dewalt lawn mower stop working?

The possible reasons are no delivery of sparks, debris in battery chamber, lower level of fuel, issues in ignition coil, and clogged mower deck.

As I can relate to your concern, I have discussed the info of the Dewalt lawn mower stopped working. Starting from reasons to fixes, everything in one article.

So, why don’t you get started?

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Stopped Working?

Before applying any major fix to a Dewalt lawn mower stopped working, a quick inspection is a plus point.

That’s why the following table contains the possible causes and remedies.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1No delivery of sparksCheck the spark plug or replace it
2Debris in battery chamber Clean the battery unit carefully
3Lower level of fuelPut fuel maintaining the right level
4Issues in ignition coilInspect the coil and clean it
5Clogged mower deckRemove clogging from mower deck

What to Do: Dewalt Lawn Mower Stopped Working?

For a Dewalt lawn mower owner, nothing is more frustrating than the mower not working. But, in case of the Dewalt lawn mower troubleshooting, you need proper guidance on how to do it.

Keeping that in mind, I have filled the section with the details and necessary info.

Therefore, let’s learn them together.

Reason 1: No Delivery of Sparks

No delivery of sparks refers to the inefficient working activity of the spark plug.

When a spark plug is left uncheck for a noteworthy time, it catches issues like getting dirty or corroded. It can get disconnected, too.

Solution: Check the Spark Plug or Replace It

First, ensure a complete inspection of the spark plug to see where the error is. Clean it properly to step forward and a corroded spark plug needs immediate replacement.

Reason 2: Debris in Battery Chamber

Dewalt lawn mower battery problems are also responsible for stopping the Dewalt lawn mower while working.

For example, debris living in the battery chamber won’t let the battery provide the power to the mower. As a result, it stops in the middle of working.

Solution: Clean the Battery Unit Carefully

As the battery is an electric component, be careful while dealing with it and turn the mower off. Then, clean it’s chamber with much care and be alert to avoid any metal for removing the debris.

Reason 3: Lower Level of Fuel

A common reason is the lower level of fuel in the Dewalt lawn mower.

It is seen in almost everyone’s case as one may forget to pay much heed to the fuel level. Consequently, once it goes below the average level, the mower won’t work anymore.

Solution: Put Fuel Maintaining the Right Level

In this case, put fuel in but maintain the right level. It is because an overfilled fuel tank can be another way for the mower to go off duty. Moreover, ensure the fuel you put is fresh and not at all old.

Reason 4: Issues in ignition Coil

Any fault in the ignition coil is a great obstruction for the Dewalt lawn mower.

It is because when the coil works with excessive dirt and debris, it may not perform well. In some cases, the vibration of the mower can cause loose connection in the coil.

Solution: Inspect the Coil and Clean It

In case of the ignition coil, cleaning it helps much. So, try that first to see if the mower works or not. If not, reconnect it by adjusting the wires. Replacing the coil becomes mandatory when no efforts make changes in it.

Reason 5: Clogged Mower Deck

A mower deck clogged with too much grass clippings, soil, dirt and debris is another cause.

When you ignore the cleaning of the deck a few times, the condition seems to show up. As the mower runs in this state, the motor temperature crosses higher levels. Thus, the mower stops working.

Solution: Remove Clogging from Mower Deck

To get rid of the trouble, removing the debris, clogging and grass clippings from the deck is the only way. But, make sure to switch off the mower before you start cleaning it.

Why Does My Dewalt Lawn Mower Suddenly Stop Working?

Answer: A Dewalt lawn mower suddenly stops working if the motor temperature rises uninterruptedly. Letting the mower work for extra hours can overheat the motor. Also, a loose connection can be at fault.

Can a Bad Spark Plug Cause a Dewalt Lawn Mower to Stop?

Answer: Unfortunately, yes. A bad spark plug is capable of forcing a Dewalt lawn mower to stop working. It is because when the sparks in the plug do not produce, the mower can not even start, let one working.

Bottom Line

In the end, there is no doubt that a Dewalt lawn mower stopped working is certainly tiring. Because all the work gets paused due to its off duty condition.

However, as you have access to the fixes, do the inspection and step ahead with the suitable solution.

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