Dewalt Lawn Mower Safety Key Bypass [Why? +How to Do?]

dewalt lawn mower safety key bypass

There are types of Dewalt lawn mowers and each of them has the safety key to ensure the safety of the mower. But, you may not need it any longer or it malfunctions a lot.

And, all these are forcing you to bypass the safety key. So, how do you bypass the safety key in a Dewalt lawn mower?

Start bypassing the safety key by disconnecting the Dewalt lawn mower, reaching the safety switch, disconnecting the connector plug, taking the pins out, and rechecking and starting the mower.

In my opinion, you have done a wonderful job by reaching here. Because the article has the proper and detailed guidance on Dewalt lawn mower safety key bypass.

So, don’t go anywhere else and stick till the end.

How to Bypass Dewalt Lawn Mower Safety Key?

Many Dewalt lawn mower owners easily get irritated with the safety key and decide to bypass it. In case you have no idea of how to do it or haven’t done it earlier, you may end up making a mistake.

And let me tell you, a tiny mistake while doing it can cause more troubles as the key is an electric component. That’s why I have mentioned the steps of doing it in detail.

So, dive into the discussion to do it correctly.

Step 1: Disconnect the Dewalt Lawn Mower

The first and most essential step is disconnecting the Dewalt lawn mower. Because the process is related to the electric unit and therefore, no risk should be taken.

For that reason, make sure to turn off the mower and along with it, unplug the spark plug.

Then, for better protection, take the battery out of the mower. These ensure accidental starting won’t happen.

Step 2: Reach the Safety Switch

Then, you have to reach the safety key in your Dewalt lawn mower.

It can be right under the rider seat in your mower. Unscrewing the seat bolts can let you lift it to locate the safety key.

Step 3: Disconnect the Connector Plug

Now, you will meet the connector plug that connects the safety key with the electric unit. Using a screwdriver, you can certainly pull it from its position.

Step 4: Take the Pins Out

When the connector plug is disengaged, you can notice a few pins. Disconnecting them can be done in many manners and I’ll tell you the most safe one.

That is taking the pins out of their position and nose pliers can be of great help in this regard.

Step 5: Recheck and Start the Mower

Once the pins are taken out, your task is successfully done. But, I suggest you should recheck everything and set the mower seat back to the previous state.

Finally, start the Dewalt lawn mower and test the safety key bypass.

Where is the Safety Switch on a Dewalt Lawn Mower?

Answer: The safety switch on a Dewalt lawn mower is located in different places depending on which type of mower you have. It can be somewhere around the dashboard, or right under the rider’s seat or close to the steering wheel.

What Happens When the Safety Switch on a Dewalt Lawn Mower Fails?

Answer: When a safety switch on a Dewalt lawn mower fails, you may have to worry about safety concerns. Because the switch won’t help the engine not to start while the mower is parked. In other words, accidental starting of the mower may come up.

Ending Words

In the end, I must inform you again that bypassing the safety key can hamper the safety precautions of your Dewalt lawn mower. But, as you have taken the decision, follow the accurate steps regarding the Dewalt lawn mower safety key bypass.

Be cautious to recheck again to ensure everything is done perfectly. In case your lawn mower is having issues in functioning, check out the Dewalt lawn mower won’t start and Dewalt lawn mower stopped working.

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