[Solved!] Dewalt Lawn Mower Problems +Try the Solid Fixes!

dewalt lawn mower problems

A Dewalt lawn mower is a handy tool in almost every lawn task. But, it is not far away from several issues and that is a serious matter to look at without any delay.  

However, what are the common Dewalt lawn mower problems? 

They are the difficulties in starting, mower stops suddenly, issues in the electric unit, red light blinking, fire in mower, decreasing run time, mowing unevenly, malfunctioning safety key, much vibration in mower, and mower not moving.

As I can understand your concern, I have detailed the Dewalt lawn mower problems and the effective solutions of them. Staying till the end, you can get your mower back to its previous state.

So, why don’t you hurry to jump into the discussion?

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Problems

While inspecting the Dewalt lawn mower, a quick summary of the Dewalt lawn mower problems and fixes will surely lead you.

Therefore, take a glance at the following table.

Serial            Problems                   Solutions
1Difficulties in startingClean the ignition coil and spark plug
2Mower stops suddenlyEnsure fresh and workable fuel
3Issues in electric unitChange the fuse and the wires
4Red light blinkingCharge the battery or replace it
5Fire in mowerUse fresh fuel and reduce workload
6Decreasing run timeReplace filters and bad or old components
7Mowing UnevenlyAdjust the deck height
8Malfunctioning safety keyClean and adjust the safety key or bypass it
9Much vibration in mowerInstall mounting bolts or change the blades

The Fixes: Dewalt Lawn Mower Problems

As a Dewalt lawn mower is much closer to issues, a user shouldn’t spend much time thinking. At that point, Dewalt lawn mower troubleshooting becomes the most important step.

For a Dewalt lawn mower owner, recognizing the Dewalt lawn mower issues is not easier. That’s why they are elaborated here with the smart fixes.

So, don’t make a move and go through the details.

Problem 1: Difficulties In Starting

A Dewalt lawn mower won’t start is probably the most common problem that every user meets even for once. But, I’ll show the causes of it. And, the most frequent one is the ignition coil not working as it should do.

Along with it, the spark plug can be found faulty, too. Both of them work to start the mower and that’s why their malfunctioning states bring difficulties in starting.

Solution: Clean The Ignition Coil and Spark Plug

If your Dewalt lawn mower stopped working, don’t you worry too early. Before proceeding, just go through the spark plug and the ignition coil. It would be best if you give them a thorough cleaning.

Problem 2: Mower Stops Suddenly

A Dewalt lawn mower won’t stay running is truly a disappointing matter as the mower refuses to run again and again. The possible reason behind it is your Dewalt lawn mower engine is running with bad fuel.

Also, old fuel can be the cause as it doesn’t carry any efficiency with it. As a result, your efforts don’t pay back even though you try hard to run it.

Solution: Ensure Fresh and Workable Fuel

In case your Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off, look no other way than checking the fuel condition. To run the mower without any disturbance, ensure fuel with fresh and workable and compatible conditions.

Problem 3: Issues In Electric Unit

A Dewalt lawn mower electric problems can let the mower suffer in many ways. But, the fuse seems to stop working after a sudden short circuit.

Because it is much easier to be blown after a serious short circuit. The matter can lead to the wires and they tend to carry less power than usual.

Solution: Change the Fuse and the Wires

At this point, don’t take any decision before checking both the fuse and the wires.

Reach the fuse by following Dewalt lawn mower fuse location and change it. As for the wires, Dewalt lawn mower wiring diagram can guide you.

Problem 4: Red Light Blinking

A Dewalt lawn mower flashing red light and not stopping doing so indicates something unwanted has taken place.

Well, it indicates the battery is carrying a lower charge or it has already become dead. Also, a bad battery is encountered with the red flash. If no charge can enter the battery, the light will flash.

Solution: Charge the Battery or Replace It

Dewalt lawn mower battery problems also include you installed a wrong battery that is completely incompatible. However, charging the battery can solve the issue. If not, replace it without delay.

Problem 5: Fire In Mower

A Dewalt lawn mower catches fire when it undergoes heavy duty of work and a tight schedule.

Heavy workload refers to using the mower for mowing dry or too wet grass. And, it creates extra pressure on the mower’s motor. In some cases, contaminated fuel can drag the issue.

Solution: Use Fresh Fuel and Reduce Workload

In this regard, using fresh fuel is a must as it ensures the engine is working with the compatible fuel. Then, be cautious to reduce the load of work on the mower. And, for a while, let it rest as well when it runs on a busy timetable.

Problem 6: Decreasing Run Time

Riding a Dewalt lawn mower, you will face many issues. One of them is the Dewalt lawn mower run time that tends to decrease after a few years.

It occurs when the mower runs with a defective air filter or fuel filter or if they are clogged. I guess you also know the importance of them. In some cases when the mower works with old or bad components, the mower fails to run for a long duration.

Solution: Replace the Filters and Bad or Old Components

To increase the Dewalt lawn mower run time, replacing the filters can make the best impact. Both the air filter and fuel filter should get replaced. Then, check for bad or old parts and do not delay in getting them changed or fixed.

Problem 7: Mowing Unevenly

A Dewalt lawn mower mowing unevenly results in uneven cut and an unsatisfactory look of the lawn. Well, when the deck height of a Dewalt lawn mower is incorrect, the uneven cut is mostly noticed.

According to the grass size, if you don’t adjust the deck, the cut won’t please you much. And of course, the lawn will have an unpleasant appearance.

Solution: Adjust the Deck Height

Have you ever adjusted the settings on your Dewalt lawn mower?

If not, you may get lost as adjusting the deck height requires a proper method.

Fortunately, there are the Dewalt lawn mower height settings. They are regarded as manners for setting the deck on a correct height as per the grass type.

Problem 8: Malfunctioning Safety Key

A malfunctioning safety key is not less than having a backbreaking time. Because when it functions wrongly, running the mower becomes tough.

When dirt and debris start attacking the safety switch, its malfunctioning is observed. In some cases, its wiring connection can go misadjusted. And, it can also continue that without any major reason due to becoming much older.

Solution: Clean and Adjust the Safety Key or Bypass It

In my opinion, you should clean the safety key first, to see if dirt is the culprit. If not, go through the connections of its wires and adjust them.

In case no result is changed till now, the Dewalt lawn mower safety key bypass can be of relaxing help. Another key fix is getting a new safety key for the mower.

Problem 9: Mower Having Much Vibration

A Dewalt lawn mower vibrating excessively is undoubtedly like a headache while running the mower. You may get worried thinking about where the vibration is coming from.

Well, if your Dewalt lawn mower engine performs its duty without the mounting bolts, the vibration will go on. Because the bolts were for reducing the vibration. Again, defective mower blades can cause it, too.

Solution: Install the Mounting Bolts and Change the Blades

I guess you already know where to inspect first. Yes, that’s correct. Checking the engine and installing new mounting bolts can wonderfully lessen the vibration. And, changing the faulty blades is considered a plus point in this regard.

Are Dewalt Lawn Mowers Any Good?

Answer: To be honest, Dewalt lawn mowers are one of the best mowers that attract the homeowners. From mowing to mulching, the mowers have a record of running flawlessly. Moreover, the reduction of vibration of them is absolutely praiseworthy.

What is the Difference Between Dewalt Electric and Battery Lawn Mowers?

Answer: The main difference between Dewalt electric and battery lawn mowers is their run time. An electric mower can run as much as the rider wants as it gets unlimited power. But, a battery lawn mower stops once the charge in the battery is finished.

How Long Does a Dewalt Lawn Mower Last?

Answer: A Dewalt lawn mower is designed to last for 5 years to 10 years. The average lifespan is 7 or 8 years and enhancement of it is decided by how frequently you maintain the mower. So, put more importance on its wellbeing.

Final Verdict

On the whole, the Dewalt lawn mower problems are an outcome of our ignorance towards its maintenance. In other words, the more you ignore taking care of the mower, the closer it will go to the issues.

Keeping that in mind, you must fix the trouble for now by stepping ahead with the tips. And, form the habit of performing its maintenance on a strict mind.

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