[Solved!] Dewalt Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off? Try Now!

dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off

One of the Dewalt lawn mower problems is the mower doesn’t run continuously. In other words, it keeps shutting off again and again.

But, why does a Dewalt lawn mower keep shutting off?

The causes can be no flow of sparks, battery draining power, less air than needed, old fuel in use, and ignition coil not working.

Fortunately, you are at the correct article that has the perfect causes and solutions of a Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

Frankly speaking, even a tiny reason can be behind the Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off.

For that reason, here is a short list of the possible reasons and the fixes.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1No flow of sparksClean the spark plug and reconnect it
2Battery draining powerClean the battery or replace it
3Less air than neededInspect the air filter and purify it
4Old fuel in useDrain the fuel and fill new fuel
5Ignition coil not workingCheck the connection of the coil

How to Fix: Dewalt Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

Dewalt lawn mower won’t stay running or keeps shutting off is not at all a matter to be ignored. Because the longer you ignore it, the more serious it becomes.

Keeping that in mind, this segment illustrates the possible causes of why the Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off and ways to solve them.

So, continue reading to learn them.

Reason 1: No Flow of Sparks

No flow of sparks becomes a common matter after using the same spark plug for a certain time.

Because it becomes very dirty and sometimes, the connection gets loosened. As a result, the engine gets no flow of sparks and thus the mower stops.

Solution: Clean the Spark Plug and Reconnect It

At this point, you can try by cleaning the spark plug very carefully. After that, go through its connection and the best way is reconnecting it.

Reason 2: Battery Draining Power

The battery on a Dewalt lawn mower is responsible for providing it the required power to run.

But, if dirt has badly attacked the battery and its compartment, the power flow can get interrupted. In some cases, a completely defective battery is the culprit.

Solution: Clean the Battery or Replace It

To get the power flow from the battery, wipe it and its compartment thoroughly with a dry cloth. If you catch the battery is defective, replace it without a second thought.

Reason 3: Less Air Than Needed

To run the lawn mower, just as fuel, air is also needed.

But, if the air filter is blocking air with its clogged state, the mower will fill the lack of air. And, due to it, the fuel mixture in air will be wrong and the engine may not run with it.

Solution: Inspect the Air Filter and Purify It

To free the air flow to the mower, inspect the air filter. Purify it considering the material it is made of. Otherwise, you may damage it while cleaning.

Reason 4: Old Fuel in Use

Old fuel in use is a common reason that helps the Dewalt lawn mower to stop running repeatedly.

It is because the efficiency in old fuel is low. And, it is not enough to guide the engine to run continuously.

Solution: Drain the Fuel and Fill the Tank with New Fuel

To get rid of old fuel, drain the fuel from the tank. And, be cautious to clean the tank to erase the residue created by the old fuel. Then, fill the tank with fresh and new fuel.

Reason 5: Ignition Coil Not Working

An ignition coil is undoubtedly an important component of the Dewalt lawn mower.

But, as soon as it stops working, the process of igniting the sparks also stops. In other words, the engine doesn’t get the assistance from the ignition coil to function.

Solution: Check the Coil Connection

Many things can happen to the ignition coil and therefore, a better option is checking it evenly. In case there are any loose wires or connections, fix that without delay.

Why Does My Dewalt Lawn Mower Run for a Few Seconds then Die?

Answer: A dirty carburetor is probably the most effective reason as it won’t flow fuel when it gets dirtier and finally, clogged. Another one is the lack of sparks from the spark plug. Even the clogged air filter or the fuel filter can cause it, too.

Why Does My Dewalt Electric Lawn Mower Keep Shutting off?

Answer: In case your Dewalt electric lawn mower keeps shutting off, the cable connection can have defects. For example, a loose connection is undoubtedly a barrier in flowing electric power. Thus, the electric mower can not run uninterruptedly.

Final Words

In short, what I feel is, the more you take care of the Dewalt lawn mower, the less it will fall into danger. The same goes for the Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off.

However, step ahead to fix the issue by implementing the fixes after an accurate inspection. In case you observe fire in the mower, check out the Dewalt lawn mower fire issues.

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