[Solved!] Dewalt Lawn Mower Flashing Red Light in 2023?

dewalt lawn mower flashing red light

Dewalt lawn mower problems include an interesting issue and that is the continuous flashing of the red light. The mower doesn’t stop doing that and it of course indicates something.

So, why is my Dewalt lawn mower flashing red light?

The possible reasons are the wrong battery, lack of charge, installed incorrectly, charger not working, and high temperature.

Let me tell you, in search of the reasons of Dewalt lawn mower flashing red light, you have reached the exact article. It will obviously guide you with the fixes, too.

So, why don’t you get started?

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Flashing Red Light?

A Dewalt lawn mower flashing red light refers to some particular irregularities. To catch them quickly, step ahead with the causes behind the issue.

Therefore, take a glance at the following table.

Serial            Reasons                        Remedies
1Wrong batteryGet a compatible battery
2Lack of chargeCharge the battery without delay
3Incorrectly installedInstall the battery properly
4Charger not workingGet a new charger
5High temperatureKeep the air vents clean and clear

What to Try: Dewalt Lawn Mower Flashing Red Light?

Though you have seen the possible causes of a Dewalt lawn mower flashing red light from the table, there are huge details left to know.

In other words, fixing the issue will require you to implement the remedies correctly.

That’s why go through each of them to learn them.

Reason 1: Wrong Type of Battery

The red flashing is considered as a warning sign that you have got a wrong battery.

A Dewalt lawn mower has particular specifications for the battery. And, getting a wrong one won’t let it connect with the mower. And thus, the red light warns the owner.

Solution: Get a Compatible Battery

The way to erase this issue is checking if the battery is the correct one or not. If not, getting a compatible battery as per the mower’s requirement is a must.

Reason 2: Lack of Charge

Lack of charge is a common reason that the red flash is not going away.

When you run the mower for a longer duration, the battery can be in lack of charge. In some cases, we forget to check first if it is charged or not.

Solution: Charge the Battery Without Delay

Noticing the red flash, you should hurry to check if it is related to the charging level. If yes, connect the battery to the charger and stay careful not to overcharge it.

Reason 3: Incorrectly Installed

The battery not providing any charge to the Dewalt lawn mower can let the red light flash.

It happens when the installation of the battery is not done correctly. An incorrect installation won’t be of any help in getting charge from the battery.

Solution: Install the Battery Properly

The red flashing will fade away when you install the battery in the proper method. I suggest you should look for it in the manual book as it carries the correct way.

Reason 4: Charger Not Working

The charger of your Dewalt lawn mower battery can go bad due to many reasons.

When it doesn’t work, the battery can not charge at all. As a result, the sensor can detect that and notify you regarding the matter.

Solution: Get a New Charger

To charge the battery like before, you should change the charger immediately. Because if the battery doesn’t have charge, the mower won’t even start.

Reason 5: High Temperature

A Dewalt lawn mower flashing red light also indicates the abnormal temperature range of the battery.

There are some air vents in the mower to keep the components in a normal temperature including the battery. But, when they get blocked with dirt, the battery starts overheating.

Solution: Keep the Air Vents Clean and Clear

Fixing this problem is much easier as the vents are concerned. All you have to do is keep the air vents clean and clear.

What Does Red Light on Dewalt Lawn Mower Mean?

Answer: The red light on a Dewalt lawn mower means the battery has reached to a lower charging level. It also notifies the rider to charge the battery and not to run the mower any longer.

Why Dewalt Electric Lawn Mower Blinking Red Light?

Answer: A Dewalt electric lawn mower is blinking red light due to the irregular temperature detected in the battery. Another cause can be the battery needs to be recharged immediately.

Why Dewalt Battery Lawn Mower Blinking Red Light?

Answer: A Dewalt battery lawn mower is blinking red light because of imbalanced temperature of the battery. If it is working with a cold temperature or a too hot temperature, the light keeps blinking.

Final Words

How time flies! You are already in the end of the article and I can assume that you have collected much info. From now on, Dewalt lawn mower flashing red light won’t be able to irritate you.

Just follow the tips and reach the causes with an accurate inspection. However, if any fire is visible or suspected, check out the Dewalt lawn mower catches fire.

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