Dewalt Lawn Mower Catches Fire? [05 Reasons + Fixes]

dewalt lawn mower catches fire

Among the Dewalt lawn mower problems, an unexpected one is the mower catching fire all of a sudden. The situation can occur anytime from starting the mower to running it.

But, why does a Dewalt lawn mower catch fire?

It is because of grass in the muffler, higher fuel level, grass clippings in engine or cooling fans, overcharging battery, and sudden short circuit.

Undoubtedly, a Dewalt lawn mower catches fire is not less than a threatening matter. Here I have discussed the mistakes that let it happen and how to erase them.

So, let’s move ahead without further delay.

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Catches Fire?

A summarized concept of why a Dewalt lawn mower catches fire can take you to the solutions, too.

That’s why catch sight of the following chart.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Grass in mufflerClean mower deck and muffler
2Higher fuel levelDrain the extra fuel
3Grass clippings in engineClean the mower evenly
4Overcharging batteryDo not overcharge the battery
5Sudden short circuitCheck the wires and change them

Why Dewalt Battery Lawn Mower Catches Fire?

Dewalt lawn mower fire is sometimes considered to be a nightmare that suddenly appears and thrills the rider. There are several reasons behind it and knowing them all is not so easy.

That’s why here are some frequently experienced causes and solutions of a Dewalt battery lawn mower catches fire.

Therefore, give them a check.

Reason 1: Grass in Muffler

The muffler is an important part of the Dewalt battery lawn mower.

But, when it is not purified for a noteworthy duration, it can have some grass clippings or anything around it. Through the deck, these things reach the muffler and hence, a fire is noticed.

Solution: Clean the Mower Deck and Muffler

The way left for this problem is cleaning the Dewalt lawn mower muffler and mower deck. And, be alert to avoid grass clippings from going there.

Reason 2: Higher Fuel Level

Higher fuel level is never recommended for a Dewalt battery lawn mower.

Because the fuel can reach the active engine any time and it is more threatening. Through ignition, the fuel will let the engine catch a fire.

Solution: Drain the Extra Fuel

As you know the reason, I guess you will put as much fuel as recommended by the manufacturer. And of course, drain the extra fuel without delay.

Reason 3: Grass Clippings in Engine or Cooling Fans

Grass clippings are also found around the engine or the cooling fans.

It is observed when you set the mower to cut tall grass. Through the deck, when the grass reaches the engine or cooling fans, fire is obvious.

Solution: Clean the Mower Evenly

To prevent such an accident, clean the entire Dewalt battery lawn mower at least twice a month. It will ensure no grass clippings are left inside the mower.

What Behind Electric Lawn Mower Catches Fire?

A Dewalt electric lawn mower catches fire is not a normal matter for the owner. It is because only at some serious events, the fire can come up.

To reach that root cause, you have to contain sufficient ideas of why it happened and how to prevent it.

So, continue reading to learn them one by one.

Reason 1: Overcharging Battery

In case you have a Dewalt electric lawn mower, you have to charge the battery.

But, an overcharging one is a great danger for the entire mower. It overheats due to overcharging and catches fire in a short time.

Solution: Avoid Overcharging the Battery

If the battery has already caught fire, replace it quickly. And from now on, never overcharge the battery and check it quite a few times while charging.

Reason 2: Sudden Short Circuit

Sudden short circuit in the electric unit is another cause of the mower catching fire.

In case the mower is working with damaged or frayed or loose wires, a short circuit can occur anytime. And thus, fire is easily catched. 

Solution: Check the Wires and Change Them

First, check the wires and their actual health conditions. If they are not in their normal state, change them immediately.

Does a Dewalt Lawn Mower Overheat?

Answer: Yes, a Dewalt lawn mower can overheat and it takes the mower closer to get a fire. However, excessive workload on the mower is a quicker way to let the mower overheat.

Can a Dewalt Electric Lawn Mower Catch a Fire?

Answer: Unfortunately yes, a Dewalt electric lawn mower can catch a fire. As the mower is operated with the electric power, it is easier to get a fire when the electric unit gets attacked with a short circuit.

End Note

On the whole, a fact is clear that paying a bit more attention to the mower while running is a must in this regard. Because a Dewalt lawn mower catches fire is mostly caused by our carelessness.

So, be more careful and try to obey the rules of running the mower correctly. For more details, check if the Dewalt lawn mower stopped working or Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off.

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