[Solved!] Dewalt Lawn Mower Battery Problems in 2023

dewalt lawn mower battery problems

One of the common Dewalt lawn mower problems is the battery not working as it used to perform earlier. As the battery is an important part of the mower, along with it, the mower also goes off duty.

But, what are the common Dewalt lawn mower battery problems?

They are the dead battery cells, battery not charging, disconnected alternator, draining charge quickly, loose connections, and corrosion on cables.

To clear all your thoughts regarding the Dewalt lawn mower battery problems and their remedies, all are included in the article.

So, let me drive your attention to that.

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Battery Problems

A Dewalt lawn mower battery can have different and unique issues and you may not get them earlier. For that reason, I have listed the issues and the fixes to them .

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Dead battery cellsTry installing a new battery
2Battery not chargingReplace the charger or the battery
3Disconnected alternatorCheck the connection and fix
4Draining charge quicklyGet a new voltage regulator
5Loose connectionsSecure the connections
6Corrosion on cablesClean the cables carefully

Behind Reasons: Dewalt Lawn Mower Battery Problems

A Dewalt lawn mower battery stays much closer to several troubles and detecting them is backbreaking for anyone.

To guide you in this sense, I have come up with the Dewalt lawn mower battery problems and the smartest way to fix them.

Therefore, check out each of them.

Problem 1: Dead Battery Cells

Dead battery cells on a Dewalt lawn mower battery is the most common problem.

After using the battery for a couple of years, it gets closer to its expiry period. Gradually, its cells go completely off duty and they don’t offer power any longer.

Solution: Install a New Battery

When was the last time you changed the mower battery?

In case it has been a noteworthy time and the cells are already dead, install a new battery.

Problem 2: Battery Not Charging

A Dewalt lawn mower battery not charging is an event that brings many thoughts in mind.

You may wonder if something bad has happened. Well, the actual cause can be the charger is bad and not letting the battery charge.

Solution: Replace the Charger or Battery

To charge the battery like earlier, replace the charger with a new one. Be cautious about getting a compatible one. If the battery is still not charging, replace it.

Problem 3: Disconnected Alternator

A disconnected alternator is a barricade for the battery not to get recharged when the engine is on duty.

As the alternator is an electric component, it is connected through some wires. And, they are found loosened and thus, the alternator gets disconnected from the battery.

Solution: Check the Connection and Fix

Before you play with the wires, giving them a thorough inspection is required. After that, tighten the connections that are loose and check the continuity of the alternator.

Problem 4: Draining Charge Quickly

Is your Dewalt lawn mower battery draining charge too quickly?

Well, that’s a clear sign of a malfunctioning voltage regulator. Because now it is obstructing the battery from getting enough voltage to be charged. And thus, power is draining in a fast manner.

Solution: Get a New Voltage Regulator

The only solution to this problem is getting a new voltage regulator and installing it accurately. Move ahead with the manual book or take help from an expert.

Problem 5: Loose Connections

Loose connections in the Dewalt lawn mower battery is undoubtedly a significant barrier.

When the connections get loosened, the power flow gets interrupted. It happens when the vibration of the Dewalt lawn mower increases.

Solution: Secure the Connections

Securing the connections of the battery is unavoidable and that’s why check everywhere around the battery. Tighten the connections and be alert to repeat it within a few months.

Problem 6: Corrosion On Cables

A frequently seen one is corrosion on the cables that are connected to the battery.

As they catch the dirt on a regular basis, corrosion is evident to appear. With the contact of metal, the dirt easily turns into corrosion and prevents the power from flowing.

Solution: Clean the Cables Carefully

The way to get the cables out of this problem is cleaning them carefully. Baking soda is regarded as a pro tool in releasing the corrosion from the cables.

Why Does My Dewalt Lawn Mower Battery Keep Dying?

Answer: A loose connection of wires or terminals is mostly responsible for letting the Dewalt lawn mower battery die too early. It is because at that point, the battery tries hard to provide the power flow to the mower parts and thus, it dies quickly.

Does a Dewalt Lawn Mower Battery Expire?

Answer: Yes, a Dewalt lawn mower battery can expire within three to six years. It is applicable to most of the mowers but dragging the lifespan is dependent on how it is being taken care of. The more you pay attention to it, the longer it works.

Wrap Up

In the end, I must mention that a Dewalt lawn mower battery problems won’t take place when the mower has regular maintenance.

The same goes for every Dewalt lawn mower owner regarding taking care of it. So, fix your Dewalt lawn mower battery accurately by following the article.

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