[Try!] Dewalt Lawn Mower 20V vs 60V – Which One is at Top?

dewalt lawn mowers 20v vs 60v

The battery on a Dewalt lawn mower is an important part that demands much attention. Because getting the compatible battery with an advanced voltage capacity is a plus point for the mower.

But, which one is better between Dewalt lawn mowers 20V vs 60V?

Dewalt lawn mower 60V is much better than the 20V in case of heavy duty tasks and longer working capacity.

There are so many facts that make the difference in Dewalt lawn mowers 20V vs 60V. Staying till the end, you can learn about them.

So, let’s get into the article.

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower 20V vs 60V

Though the diversity between Dewalt lawn mower 20V and 60V is discussed, a comparison table can guide you more in this regard.

Therefore, don’t forget to take a glimpse at the following table.

SerialKey Factors            20V            60V
1CompatibilityDewalt 20V Max ToolsDewalt 20V Max, 60V Max, 120V Max Tools
2Charging Duration60 to 70 Minutes60 Minutes
3Run Time27 to 30 Minutes31 to 40 Minutes
4Durability3 Years (Average)4 Years (Average)
5Affordability$100 to $250$150 to $350
6Warranty3 Years3 Years

Depth Comparison: Dewalt Lawn Mower 20V vs 60V

To understand the quick concept of the Dewalt lawn mower 20V vs 60V, more details are included here. Having much info will prevent the chance of Dewalt lawn mower troubleshooting.

Because when you get a better battery, the mower will have less issues.

So, why don’t you jump into the discussion? 

1. Compatibility

Compatibility is the most important factor because it informs where you can use the battery.

• 20V

A Dewalt lawn mower 20V is compatible only with the 20V MAX tools.

• 60V

A Dewalt lawn mower 60V has better compatibility with the 20V MAX, 60V MAX, 120V MAX tools.

Winner: The champion is the 60V.

2. Charging Duration

Charging duration refers to how long the Dewalt lawn mower battery takes to be charged.

• 20V

In my case, a 20V one takes 60 to 70 minutes to fully charge.

• 60V

But, a Dewalt lawn mower 60V is capable of getting charged within 60 minutes.

Winner: The victor is the 60V one.

3. Run Time

The run time of a Dewalt lawn mower battery is for knowing how long the mower can run.

• 20V

A Dewalt lawn mower 20V can run for 27 minutes and up to 30 minutes.

• 60V

On the contrary, a 60V one is capable of running for 31 minutes to 40 minutes.

Winner: Running a 60V one would be much fun.

4. Durability

Durability of a Dewalt lawn mower battery lets you know how many years you can use that without any issue.

• 20V

The lifespan of a 20V is 3 years on average. But, the time can be extended through regular maintenance.

• 60V

On the other hand, a Dewalt lawn mower 60V can go up to 4 years on average.

Winner: The winner in this regard is 60V.

5. Affordability

The affordability of a Dewalt lawn mower 20V and 60V also decides if it fits your budget or not. As I understand that, here are the costs of them.

• 20V

The cost of a Dewalt lawn mower 20V differs from $100 to $250. And, the cost is variable as per the capacity of the battery.

• 60V

The 60V one has the same case but its cost is $150 to $350.

Winner: Considering the prices, a 20V one is much cheaper than the 60V.

6. Warranty

Warranty is a significant key point in considering which battery to select. And, both the batteries have respective warranty policies.

• 20V

A Dewalt lawn mower 20V battery is provided with 3 years warranty and 1 year of free service. And, the satisfaction guarantee is 90 days.

• 60V

Dewalt offers the same warranty feature for a 60V one.

Winner: Both 20V and 60V are equal.

Which One to Choose?

I guess you are still a bit confused regarding which one to choose between them.

In my opinion, between the Dewalt lawn mower 20V and 60V, you can undoubtedly choose the 60V one. Because it offers better running time along with wide compatibility.

If you care about budget and have a small to medium lawn, the Dewalt lawn mower 20V is ideal for you.

How Long Will a Dewalt Lawn Mower 20V Battery Last?

Answer: A Dewalt lawn mower 20V battery comes with a lifespan of 3 to 4 years on average. As per the maintenance schedule, the lifespan can increase or decrease.

How Long Does a Dewalt Lawn Mower 60V Battery Take to Charge?

Answer: A Dewalt lawn mower 60V battery takes almost 60 minutes to charge. But, do not make the mistake of overcharging the battery and also, discharging it to the lowest range.

Final Words

In the end, I can assume that your thoughts on Dewalt lawn mower 20V vs 60V are clear. In my opinion, you should think carefully while choosing the battery for your Dewalt lawn mower.

In some cases, getting a wrong battery can cause the Dewalt lawn mower not starting or the Dewalt lawn mower catches fire. That’s why pay more heed to the key factors.

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